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  1. Huge luck you you vlinder - hope you have a perfect run of luck this time!!
  2. Your scars will go through a few stages of healing. Around 3 months is where your scar will be reddest due to increased vascularisation which is how your body gets nutrients to your new scar to support the healing process. As your scar matures those capillaries dissapear and the redness fades. i think your scar actually looks really good, it's quite thin. If you look at the pics, the redness is capillaries around your scar, not the scar itself. if you're worried about reducing your chances of adverse healing outcomes like hypertrophic (red, raised, angry looking scars) or keloid (where the scar tissue proliferates to the point it needs to be surgically removed) you can use a silicone product like Siltape.
  3. Ahhh, gotcha. Interesting question! If you're having 100cc removed with your next op and upsize your implants by 100cc guessing you'd be the same size but the shape could be different? Wetr your HPs a similar width to your BWD? It they were your PS might have to use UHPs to get the extra CCs in, so they'd have more projection.
  4. Yeah - started replying yesterday, but couldn't quite work out what the question was. Are you revising up from a 360cc implant? At some point there's a reduction? I was a 12D, 335cc implants took me to a 12E/F. Plenty of sensational ladies on here have started with some natural boob
  5. Yeah - started replying yesterday, but couldn't quite work out what the question was. Are you revising up from a 360cc implant? At some point there's a reduction? I was a 12D, 335cc implants took me to a 12E/F. Plenty of sensational ladies on here have started with some natural boob
  6. I used Siltape - it's a silicone tape you just put on, a and leave on between showers. It reduces the chances of you ending up with less than ideal scarring outcomes like hypertrophic or keloid scarring, and makes the redness of new scars dissapear quicker. You won't necessarily end up with a better scar, but it speeds up the time it takes for your scar to mature and fade.
  7. Could you take one of those plastic steps in the car with you Kty? Put it down next to your little ones door so that she can reach?
  8. I'd have said that neither of your boobs in their own right need a lift. But together with the asymmetry you may need a lift on one side. Based on your pic (which is tricky to interpret on its own) you have one boob which is bigger than the other and which has a lower nipple position. The problem with this is (as explained to me, I had the same issue) that in order to lift the height of the lower nipple you'd need a larger implant than what would be required in the breast with the higher nipple. The larger implant would only increase the size asymmetry you already have; which is why a lift may have been suggested. See a couple of PS to make sure you're across your options and have a good base of qualified advice on which to base your decision. Good luck!!!
  9. I have a 15cm BWD, first BA I had 12cm wide implants and they weren't great. 2nd BA I went with anatomical a so I could get 13.5cm wide and they're waaaay better. With the narrower implants I couldn't get my breasts to touch because my gap was so big, but I had 300cc mid plus's so your bigger HPs could be a different proposition? Defs worth touching base with your PS (not the nurse) to confirm.
  10. There are a few stories that really stick in your mind in the time you spend on PSF. It's heartbreaking,I'd truly love to hear how she's going.
  11. Surely did, I expected it to be agony but the pain was really manageable. It's only when I was moving around that I felt any real pain. My back hurt more that my tummy from being hunched over.
  12. I never felt much pain if I didn't move around. I was in hospital for 2 nights (was booked in for 2 but was ready to head home early) took 2 of the endone prescribed, and the rest of the time was on panadol. The only nasty moment I had was somewhere around 1 week PO I cooked dinner using Chilli and frying it made me cough - very painful coughing that early. You really will be fine, just be kind to yourself, heal up and take the opportunity to binge watch that series you wanted to see or read that book you've been meaning to read
  13. I have no clue what 'over the toilet assistance' is - and you know what, please don't enlighten me After your TT you'll be resting a lot, you won't be doing the washing, the vacumming, you won't be making haute cuisine for a good 2 or 3 weeks. But you'll probably be the only one who misses the sparkling floor and ironed washing: You'll be able to do little things, you can kiss your kids goodnight once you're out of hospital, you can wipe the bench, or whatever domestic l task makes you feel better. In the mean time your body will be healing and becoming stronger - pregnancy breaks some of us, fixing that damage is the best thing you'll ever do for yourself. It's normal to feel guilt over the $$, the time away - but truly, if your family can't cope with you laying low for a couple of weeks despite all those meals I expect you've frozen - then truly they need the wake up call that you doing what you need to do to optimise your future wellbeing gives them. Re: pain, it doesn't hurt unless you do too much. Step back and let your hubby be a parent and care for his family and you'll be fine!
  14. The system in Australia re cosmetic vs plastic surgeon is so effed up. On one hand you have ethical cosmetic surgeons turning away patients who require lifts to plastic surgeons who have the training to do them. Compared with the HUGELY dodgey cosmetic surgeons who offer breast lifts, tummy tucks / hell, anything you're willing to waste money with them for. Anyone in Australia with a medical qualification can call them self a CS. Scary thought right? TCI are a group of CS, you need to ask yourself if a person with potentially zero training in breast surgery (other than TCI's internal training program - Nagor round unders for EVERYBODY) is an appropriate person to conduct your revision? I'm no medical person, but a rupture so early kind of screams 'surgeon got excited with the scalpel' doesn't it? Either that or the implant itself was a dud? Hope you're able to get some resolution Tiger - you've done all the right things in pushing for answers and seeking a fix - I hope you have the answers you need soon xx
  15. I took a spectacular tumble from a bike when I was a kid and had hypertrophic scarring on my elbow. I had something injected into it and it fixed it - not sure what it was though. To my untrained your scar is hypertrophic not keloid. But you'd need someone with medical training to check you out. good luck!
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