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    22 y.o. 172cm/ 54kg currently a 10B. Having 385cc textured round HP implants :)

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  1. I put on an extra dress size for about 3 weeks then after that I somehow managed to be a dress size smaller than pre surgery. Really don't stress about it! There is no possible way that you can actually put on weight unless you are consuming a ridiculous amount higher than your normal calories!
  2. It's more cuz I'm really clumsy so I doubt it would be anything too serious. Only a few times when I have hit something really really hard has it taken a good few months to heal. I'll keep it in mind next time something happens or I'm seeing my doctor! Thanks
  3. I am probably the worlds worst bruiser and the clumsiest as well! Sometimes when I hit something really really hard my bruises stay around for a good 3-6 months. I always have bruises all over my legs that come and go quite frequently. With my BA I didn't bruise at all! Very surprising. So it must have something to do with how big your implants are and how gentle your surgeon is. I've noticed my incision seems to be a tad longer than most girls so maybe that's a factor as well?
  4. I'd probably advise you go as big as your measurements can fit in. It's just a matter of deciding what kind of profile YOU want. I went HP and feel that because of my height I should have gone XHP. But that would have meant I would have also had to go up a clothing size...
  5. I'm pretty similar! Just a few extra cms and kgs. I'm definitely not top heavy! I have pics up if you want to send me a FR
  6. Mine were so annoying because most of the time only one would be on high beam for the first month or so! And my surgeon recommended no bra so sometimes I just had to accept it during summer! They also would go hard for no reason - not because of cold or touch or anything, just little nerve twitches I guess! I invested in some nipple covers from bras and things because I had a few important job interviews!
  7. For me, the swelling in my boobies lasted probably a month, but around 2 months it had gone down a tiny bit more. My swollen belly lasted for about 3 weeks, but was intensely bad for about a week or two where I even went up a clothing size! My surgeon recommended no bra for the first 6 weeks and then at 6 weeks I could start wearing underwires but had to wait another month or so because my boobs were like rocks and stuck in place so the underwires didn't fit them properly. They are fine now
  8. I had mine with Dr Trott also! Love my results so far. He is also very kind and gentle, you won't feel pushed at all. I can't help much with any of the other surgeons. Dr Trotts first consult was about $140 from memory
  9. I would probably recommend if you are on a strict budget, rather than looking for "cheap" surgeons, you look into the overseas stuff. You may be able to get a much better BA and more care that way... I don't know Brisbane though so there might be some goodies that offer a cheap price there!
  10. If you do a search there are heaps of threads answering this q already but mine was about $10,300 - $4000 surgeons fee, $2000 implants, $1800 hospital and theatre fees, $2500 aenethetist
  11. I had the option of staying or going home. I think I would have saved about $75 if I went home early which is virtually nothing. I also had a little bit of a negative reaction to the GA and had really low blood pressure A LOT of dizziness and nausea so decided to stay in for the night
  12. Haha I think it was just a comment made in a joking fashion as he was explaining the different projections to me. But I really took it on board! They definitely wouldn't be a porn star look because my HPs look small to normal!
  13. Hey Hun, so exciting!! I got HPs because my surgeon said in my first consult that xHPs were a porn star look. The HPs are good, but a bit lost on my long lanky body. I think if I could have a painfree, cost free revision right now I would up mine to xHPs
  14. I had mine for 3 weeks. I'm sure you can remove it for the day and then replace it after just be mindful of not stretching them!
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