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  1. Hi Sultan. Yeah, I know. It was a nightmare. When the community nurses took out my drains, they thought it looked red and angry. It was only two days later when I noticed the discharge. They put me on antibiotics straight away which cleared the infection but then the cover caused the incision hole. So they started working on it, with the dressing changing and packing. The problem was, it was healing but I still had discharge (not infectious) but this was not allowing the wound to fully heal. Then along comes a secondary infection which came thru another spot on my incision line. So more staph antibiotics. i was having a pretty crappy time. Thank god for beautiful community health nurses who were just wonderful. anyway, finally got the staph out and got the wound to close. But then another infection more internally (dissolving stitches) and another round of antibiotics. Anyway, now it's good. The incision area where the hole was is still a bit tender but all is good.
  2. JJMelb. Please hang in there. I'm 11 weeks and my swelling is only just settling down. Mornings are better then arvos. The healing is a strange process and the girls are right, everyone is different. I have only just got thru staph, an open section on my incision line which had me attend community health every second day to get dressed and packed, and then to have another internal infection from the dissolving stitches, which apparently my body doesn't like. Lol However, when I wake and I put my clothes on, even with swelling, I know soon, it will be normal, but most of all, I don't have that apron, I can see my girl bits and I feel great wearing clothes finally. it has cost me a small fortune, cause now I like to shop. Lol
  3. So ladies, my question to all of you is, when did you return to work, how did you cope and were you walking straight? I'm two weeks today with the hope of returning to work next Monday but I'm wondering whether it will be possible. I'm still walking very hunched over and my back aches. My scar is healing well and I love my new tummy (even with the swelling) but I just thought (and maybe it was a bit wrong) that by now I would be walking more upright etc. Yesterday I went with hubby to by a new tv. We did some walking but I took it easy and I sat down where ever I could but by the time I got home I was exhausted. This made me wonder about work. I mainly sit at me desk all day but its still doing the daycare drop off, getting to work, working etc that I am worried about. Your experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all. My day 4 photos are up. It's the first time I've looked and I'm very happy. Rae - check out my photo of the pillow I'm using. The girls at work thought I was weird when I asked for it for my birthday but its the best thing ever.
  5. Hi Rae. So as you know I just had mine done. I was exactly the same as you in the thoughts and even contemplated on the way to pull out. I was worried for the kids and hubby and the what-ifs. As the girls have said, it's normal to feel these. We just have to be strong and remember that we deserve to be happy and healthy in life. You mighten think it was such a good idea the first time they go to move you, but day 3 and i am feeling pretty good. Getting in and out of bed is getting easier and I'm lapping up the attention from my hubby and kids (they are so cute). I was going to put it off till I was 40 but I'm young, I want to enjoy my life and am so glad I have now done it.
  6. Day 2.... The night was good. More good then I expected. I had pain relief at 9pm. Slept and then when due at 3am, I didn't take them I was feeling fine. Woke again about 7am and knew now that I needed some pain relief. The pain wasn't to bad, but I could feel that it would take the edge off. I had breakfast, well an attempt, I wasn't really hungry and sat at the table again (I Finding sitting up straight is very comfortable). I sat at the dinning table until I was seen by Dr Tonks. He said my surgery went perfect. He took 2.5kgs of extra skin off and said my gap once he was in was about 8cm (gosh, no wonder I looked pregnant all the time) and he was very happy with it all, even happier that I was up and about. At this stage I was pretty keen to go home, so he was fine with this. We just spoke about my post op instructions and all that. His nurse said she would be back with the orderly to help me into the car. Well, my orderly arrived. I was very happy cause it was the same gentle and very nice one I had the day before who helped and gave me the courage to transfer from the bed to the chair. His name is Don and he is also the logistics officer for Capital Day Sugery. Now in hindsight we should have probable borrowed a car, one that's lower. We have a 4wd which is rather high....(idiot I am). But we did think to take a stepping stool and this helped me get in. I found the seatbelt didn't annoy me, but cause my legs are so short I couldn't get comfortable, so we used the stepping stool for me to put my legs on. Trip was okay, just the bendy bits was a bit hairy. Got home to my bed. So I am yet to take the binder off, so no photos as yet. I am organising for the community nurse to come up today as my drains where they were stuck to my leg to ease the pressure on the tubes is coming off. We have got them stuck with band aides this morning. I wish for her to also help with adjusting the binder, so when this is done I will get some photos. I have found that to get into bed, it's best to crawl on all fours first then to position and do it in a couple of stages, plus it eases and gives some relief to by back. So I crawl, turn, then sit on my legs (which are underneath me) then once comfortable I go to cross legged and then ease the out to straight. Sultan - I didn't need the extra night. I was very keen to get home. Loved the stay at the Medi Suite but keen to be home with the kids. I am lucky as my husband is able to have two weeks off with me, so I knew I would be right at home. Jaddles - I took the pillow but was okay. Just glad I had the stool for my legs. Orangevegie - pain is okay. The tightness when I move or turn is uncomfortable but expected. I have to question why they only gave me 20 panadole forte tablets which would only last a couple of days. Luckily I stil have ahead from when I got my tubes tied. Thanks to everyone and their wishes. Will update later, it's day 3 so it seems that's when most have a pretty day, so ill let u know how I go.
  7. Hi Meljewel. Welcome. I had my TT yesterday. U can read my story under "this the night before.....TT with MR" to see how I'm going. I have friend requested u so u can see my photos. Cheers.
  8. Well ladies. For anyone interested I have started my story in surgery experience section. Hope it helps.... Day one.
  9. Okay. I'm back. The morning started with chaos. Hubby set the alarm, I asked him about 11pm that it was right "yep" he said. Well, I rolled over and checked the time to be surprised that it was 5.45am....we needed to be on the road at 6 (it was set for PM not AM) So it was a quick shower, lots of hugs with the kids and a quick dash to the car. The drive up was good. Feeling pretty excited and nervous. Arrived at Capital Day Surgery to meet a beautiful lady who was very helpful, filled in the rest of my forms and did the wait. Taken into pre-op about 8.15. Did more paperwork, got changed into my sexy gown, hat and booties. Got hubby to help with my compression socks. Meet some more lovely ladies (I can't recommend these girls enough). Dr Tonks came in. He was gentle and beautiful and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with my decision. He made me smile and assured me this was the best thing I could do. Meet Dr Meares (if I knew how to spell it I would but she was my sleep doctor) who again was beautiful. Then it was time..... I was taken into theatre, layed on the bed, had my cannula inserted, given one of those very lovely warm blankets all within 5 minutes the put to sleep. 2 and a bit hours later, I woke in recovery. Felt tight but okay. Very sleepy. After a while they needed to put me into a chair in the second recover section. OMG there was no way, every way I turned it pulled and hurt. I asked to just stay in the bed...luckily for me a very nice orderly said "come on we can do it". He got me into the chair and all was good. Wasn't as bad as I thought (I'm a sook). Spent a few hours in the 2nd recovery room. Didn't feel like eating but had some water, got offered tea, coffee, sandwiches to eat but just didn't feel like it. Finally was able to be transferred to my Medi Suite at Hotel Relm. This was another challenge as this time they needed me in a wheelchair, but I was in desperate need of a toilet so it had to happen. Lol Anyway, was a bit uncomfortable but again ok. Taken to the Medi Suite, which is lovely. Got to use the loo and then into the large very comfortable bed. My pain level is probably a 2 I'm not in much pain. Just discomfort with the tightness (which is expected). I've asked for some more panadol forte but only so I can get some sleep. I sat the table to eat dinner and have actually found sitting is really comfortable (asked when we First got back if I could stay sitting on the toilet for a while. Since it was so nice). Not very hungry, but have got hubby to get me some juice to sip. So day one is done and dusted, stay tuned tomorrow for my trip home (not sure about this) and for photos. I hope all who have had their procedures done today are well..
  10. Well, it's 10.30pm. 9 hours to my operation. My nerves are running wild and I don't think there will be any chance of sleep. I'm starting to hear that little voice inside my head, the one that askes "have I done the right thing, do I really need it, could I still pull out". I know I'm doing the right thing, but there is always that doubt. For you readers who don't know..... I'm 35 with two children. I have a large apron of skin on my tummy and about a 5cm separation. I also have stress incontinence. I choose to have a TT with MR after consultation with my local GP, physio and urodynamic testing (which was a waste of time as they would not fix me due to my age). I was referred to Dr Tonks in the ACT and he was the only surgeon I seen. I felt very comfortable from the moment we sat down and knew that I didn't need to see anyone else at the end of the consult, I knew he was right for me. So tomorrow is the day that hopefully will help change the way I see myself. Make me feel comfortable and hopefully fix the issue of the incontinence. My before photos are up and after the surgery when I come around, I will post again and update with some more photos. Good luck to all who is having any sort of procedure done tomorrow!!!!!
  11. Ray273

    June 2013 :)

    Katee I know what you mean about nerves. I too was fine until I went in for my 3d scan and now the nerves are running wild. Not sure I'm going to sleep tonight, if only I could have a few drinks. Lol Good luck tomorrow.
  12. Ray273

    June 2013 :)

    Good luck hdblissbomb. It will be over before you know it. Hi Orangevegie. Yeah, we are similar, Ill post photos once done. I'm just hoping for no apron, no mini apron above my belly button and to be able to see my "bits" down there for the first time in a long time. I'm going to weigh myself to see the amount they remove too.
  13. Ray273

    June 2013 :)

    I will Grippster. I'll do a surgery experience story and post photos too.
  14. Ray273

    June 2013 :)

    OMG!!!! 3 sleeps for me..... I'm getting soooo excited. Good luck to everyone heading into the week with the old them to emerge with the new them...
  15. Sultan, thanks. You've brought up another thing I didn't think off. I need to write on my list PS clearance. I also better ask my boss whether they require it.
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