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  1. I currently pay $330 per area and I am now getting 2 areas done. So $660 a couple times a year. I like my Dr but I would prefer to pay less if possible, also I have to drive to Clayfield every time and that is Northside and I live Southside. How much do you pay per area?
  2. Yeah, that was me who got extra pain meds from my GP. I was lucky I had to tell him - I needed a referal to a cardiologist from him before surgery, otherwise he wouldn't have known. So lucky.
  3. LittleKitten


    Hkell, how crooked were your teeth? I had braces in my 20's and they have moved back *cries* the braces were very painful and I want veneers now instead but I didn't think they could be used to correct crooked teeth? Oh, and how much are your veneers costing? (Hope you don't mind my asking)
  4. I don't think it will increase my self esteem - but I can see how much fun my new additions are going to be (I'm still healing)
  5. I bought some TCA acid off Ebay about 2 years ago - I think it is 50%. I did one peel at 15% (you can water it down) and it made me look fresher but the downtime is a real put off! You don't realise how much you go outside until you feel like you can't! I also removed a birthmark off my face and a few other spots too (using FULL strength)- it's been great. My husband just asked me 2 nights ago to remove some spots on his legs with it (roughened skin) It only cost me $30 for the small bottle and beats the price my Botox doctor quoted me for TCA ($1500) It might be worth it if the money included no downtime but you're still stuck having to do that part yourself, so in my opinion you are better off doing the research and paying for the acid and doing it at home for yourself. Good luck!
  6. I originally wanted to keep my BA a total secret. But DH on the day after my surgery called a friend of ours (female) to come over and help with my recovery. Me begging him not to didn't help. He also - while I was away from work (we own a business) told everyone, clients and workers that I was away because I'd had surgery. He didn't say what the surgery was for - and luckily/ amazingly no one has asked. At first I was only mildly annoyed - but he asked me for a favour tonight and it was a big favour and I have said no. When he asked why not I mentioned I was having trust issues with him and I outlined all of the above and putting it all into words really started my blood to boil. Anyone dealt with anything like this?
  7. But then it did? Better call him and tell him tomorrow morning.
  8. I get mine done with Dr Jane Propsting in Clayfield. Very nice lady. I've been getting Botox with her for 6 years. It costs $330 per area. I get 2 areas done between brows and crows feet.
  9. My Dr is also Dr Harwood - he thought I should go with teardrop and my husband who was with me on the consult day wholeheartedly agreed, but I was adamant. This is because I was dancing at Cabaret Club in the Valley in 2010 and this absolutely perfectly hot chick got teardrops and they were the ugliest modified breasts I had ever seen. No idea where she got them done, but she was a hottie and I bet her breasts were beautiful before - I think she wrecked them by going teardrop. That's why I went with rounds. In spite of the pressure from Doc and hubby. Maybe it's not completely rational decision making - but I'm happy with what I decided. Dr H also said most women were happier with rounds in the end - this might be something you could ask him about? Anyway, I might finally get my act together and post some pics of my breasts tonight so you can have a look for yourself. Good luck, and try not to stress - many women have beautiful teardrop work done, I have seen evidence of this since I've been on the forums.
  10. Similar issue here, I am becoming quite unhappy.
  11. Hey Prue, Sorry to hijack - but I've been looking for a psychologist who deals with 'womens issues' forever - would you mind terribly PM'ing me her details? I'd love to set up a much needed appt. Thanks. xxx
  12. Had mine done this morning - I rate the pain as an 8. It is awful, so awful I have even lost interest in my new bosoms - my focus is on pain only. It is my first time having real pain though so this might be a contributing factor. I am going to call them tomorrow and ask for stronger pain meds - I am praying that they will say yes - I cannot even get out of bed WITH HELP, I asked my husband to help me out and then just begged him to stop due to the awful pain it brought on - and this was after I'd taken my meds and given them a chance to work! My fingers are crossed so hard - I am very scared they will refuse to give me anything stronger.
  13. OMG, it's my date tomorrow too! 9:30am in Brisbane. What time is yours? I feel ok, almost looking forward to it. I'm only scared of post op complications - nothing else really. I am getting 330cc unders.
  14. We have similar stats - I am 154cms and 44kgs, I currently wear a 10c/ 12b bra. I am getting 330cc's in 5 days. I am/ was worried that I'm going too big but all my life my breasts have been beautiful but a bit too small - if they're not the perfect size then maybe a bit too big is better for the next phase of my life? Anyway, I'll post some pics after my surgery - not sure if you're a member of JBI? but I have before pics up and my screen name/ handle is the same as here.
  15. I knew enough to ask if I would need to get scripts filled beforehand (they said I don't) but not enough to ask about pain management. I feel pretty confident that I won't have a problem, but the truth really is I have no idea. I have never had surgery, never had an accident, never had a broken bone or anything - no idea what my pain tolerance is like. I am getting unders in 10 days - can anyone tell me what they did for their pain and how long did it hurt enough for pain medicine? (I am unfamiliar will all types except the grocery store basics and panadeine forte) I'm curious and a little worried (I recently read a post where a woman said she hurt so much she couldn't pump soap)
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