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    Phuket Thailand
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    BL + BA
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    Dr Boonchai 28 January 2013
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    163 cm, ~67kg, 12C-D (saggy)
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  1. Congratulations to your new girls! I know the pain you're feeling. Fortunately I only had that the first day of mine (Jan 28 2013, Lift with Implants). Just get some nice loose tops that will still cover up your boobs and you will be fine. They may not even notice it unless you tell them about the surgery (I had that happen to me, though I was bigger then you to start off with). I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year with your new investment! x
  2. im in the same situation. had by ba on monsdy and going back to uni in the end of feb. i find that i can already put both arms through two slings in the backpack but do need a bit of help from partner right now an not even a week post-op. once you are back to uni youy can trial it all but i think it will be no problem or at least i hope so
  3. Sorry girls. Had to cut it short - bf was nagging me about hunger. I can put on shirts and crop tops (try to step into 'aah' style bras from target) but need help to get shirts over my head. I can easily get in and out of bed now - had some problems day of/after surgery and the day after that (yesterday) but today I can kind of use my elbows to prop myself up onto as well as the ab exercise 'hollow rock' (like a V) rocking myself up to a seated position - great ab work haha. Boobies look huuuuuge but damn good. Still pretty swollen though. Pictures coming up once back in Australia.
  4. Hey guys. Yeah dr B is great. I was discharged one day earlier than I first thought from the hospital and he put waterproof dressings on my insitions. Said I could go in the water if I wanted to but no swimming. Have had a little tryout in the water today and felt good but I was a bit worried my dressings would leak. He did give me a spare set of dressings for my insitions that I will change into tomorrow. Have my follow up on Tuesday morning and so looking forward to it. I can already do heaps of stuff - shirts on off (but I try to step into the, and pull em up)
  5. Misha - I totally get the wiggle your legs to the side of the bed part. I do that too! I am managing to get out of the bed on my own 3/5 times, getting myself up in a rocking position (like a v) and rock myself into a seated position - this hurts but I keep cradling my new boobs. I lay down pretty flat already at day 3, but that's because I hate sleeping on my back (tummy/side sleeper). So one pillow under my .head/shoulders and one under my knees. Boobs are quite sore when getting up though/
  6. I just got out of surgery yesterday and dr B is lovely. Chest is still a bit tight and butt is numb from lying/sitting in a reclining position throughout the night. Can't wait to be out of here. Bf has trouble sleeping on the couch being not so comfortable.. We're hoping to be out of here today but all depends on how I'm healing dr B said. And I might have to stay another night in hospital.
  7. Dr Boonchai only uses textured implants as he feels the smooth implants are old technology. I didn't have a preference myself but I am happy to be having textured implants.
  8. st had my op yesterday and I have lots of faith in dr B. he was very straight forward and as someone e,se said he is only using textured implants because smooth are sn old technology. You can read of my story under 'The diary of Silentrose' under surgery experiences. Still all wrapped up and sitting in my bed butt feeling quite numb with a tight chest. They look big here now but I'm sure that I will love them once I see them!!
  9. I'm alive. And I excuse all my spelling mistakes as I'm just on my iPad. I arrive dot Phuket on Saturday morning. Have had a few massages since then and my last one just yesterday. Was picked up at my hotel at 8am this morning and taken to the hospital for my consultation at 8.30am. Met with dr Boonchai and he is a lovely man. Showed him some pictures of breast that I liked and he recommended to go with round profile a bit bigger size. I tried on a few different sizes: 250, 260, 300 and 325cc's. decided to go with the 300cc as I don't want too big of bret tissues. He was asking if I was
  10. That's great like. Glad you're up and walking! I think I'll be spending my first two days inside in aircon when I get back from hospital and still have the bandages on (or how long do they stay in for?) Had my last full body massage today. From tomorrow on my holiday will only give me foot/leg massage and mani/pedi! Can't wait to have nice perky non saggy droopy breast... let's hope I sleep tonight
  11. Mum05, Alright, yeah I\'ve been thinking about those extra costs and they scare me a little bit. Hopefully it wont be too much extra
  12. Hi all, heading over tomorrow and was thinking of doing a dental check up and perhaps some teeth whitening while in Thailand (Phuket). Does anyone have somewhere (fairly cheap) that they would recommend? I'm a poor student who has saved up for 6 months for BL/BA in Phuket and thought I might do a dental check seeing I haven't had one done in a few years and used to do them yearly before studying took all my money
  13. I'd say that it's a reasonable price as it is including both flights and accommodation as well as the fact that the prices for certain procedures have gone up a little bit this year. I'm payin now: THB190,000 (~$6333) plus $93/night - $1395 in junior suite at Dewa Karin Beach Resort (splitting the cost with bf: $645) and just over $1000 for flights all in all just over $8300 for breast lift with implants And if I wasn't having my bf with me I'd probably be going in a group as it is always nice to have someone there who is either accompanying you or having a procedure done that you can tal
  14. That's alright only posted/FR this morning I am leaving for Thailand on Friday landing in Phuket on Saturday morning with surgery on Monday Ow not good with lack of sleep, but at least you will be on painkillers and sleeping pills soon so that you can sleep. How nervous are you now? Good luck tomorrow!
  15. Don't have varicose vein/s but I was told to stay on my pill - just stop any multivital and/or supplement 2 weeks prior.
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