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  1. Congrats!,glad to hear it all went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx
  2. Lol maybe tell your family you are getting a facial tattoo and joining a cult...getting big boobies will be the least of their worries then haha.Seriously though..I wouldn't discuss it with them anymore. What is meant to be a positive experience,isn't going to be if you have family carrying on like that.
  3. Congrats Emma!,can't wait to hear your story xx
  4. Thanks for sharing your story,and congrats!. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Hope the bruising goes away quickly xx
  5. Good luck!. You will probably see Emma there as well,she is also going with Mark today
  6. I reckon she looks like a mix of Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie....absolutely stunning!.
  7. Woohoo go the 400's!. Hope you are feeling better soon xx
  8. I am still pre-op but one thing I have noticed from being on this forum is that boobs change HEAPS,and are always changing for the first few months. They are looking a lovely shape already,and as Don said,you can tell that they are going to settle amazingly. Patience is the key here xx
  9. I hate contacting friends on fb!. If I have their phone number or email address,I don't see the point in messaging someone on fb,especially on their wall. What really irks me is when two people who live in the same house and see each other every day write on each others wall to remind the other to grab some milk on the way home from work or something... Why not just friggen text them?!.
  10. Yay on getting the drains out!
  11. I only use fb for games and the private groups I am in. I rarely put pics up of the kids,but 99% of my pics are in private albums that only family can see. Facebook can be as private as you want it to be
  12. Polishgirl

    BA today!

    Congrats!. Have sent a FR,would love to follow your journey
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