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  1. It is the funnest thing to go shopping for bras once you've got something to fill them lol you'll love it!
  2. My boobies are great haha ohh I'm a lurker now so don't post as much as I used to. Still happy to help anyone and answer any questions though. Omg! Your boobies are so new!!! I am going to have to go stalk your profile now
  3. Hey ladies, I have a heap of bigger busted size bras for sale here: http://stores.ebay.com.au/markruth1/Lingerie-/_i.html?_fsub=6340799015&_sid=168543045&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 Most of them Alexis Smith going for cheap. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks,
  4. I would definitely try Dr Kunaporn he is a boob god!
  5. ohh I have recently also discovered this too TheFox!! Its amazing!! I check everyday for recent uploads haha My favs are - CarliBel55 - InnerBeautyBybel (same girl as above she has 2 channels) - RissRose2 - saturdaynightsalrite And heres another cheap makeup website that is amazing!! BHcosmetics.com
  6. Hmmm thats a hard question lol my fav boobie inspiration is Julie Zugarova she has about 800cc but I think I would need more then that to achieve that look so maybe 850-900cc
  7. Dr Pousti is my all time fav surgeon. He is AMAZING!! When I gradually get to my goal CC I want him to do it. I just love love loveeee his work.
  8. I honestly don't think you need either surgeries. However its a personal decision which you can only make. You may want to consider genioplasty where A chin segment is moved forward. I suggest getting a few opinions from surgeons and maybe try out a maxillo-facial surgeon good luck with everything.
  9. Hey Mrs-B I have a difference of 50cc in my implants and they don't look different I have progress pics
  10. I have heard AMAZING things about Dr Eddy Dona and his prices are cheaper then other places. I would definitely be checking him out Good luck with everything
  11. well you have a great excuse lol No idea about my blood pressure :S but I used to faint a lot as well and after a big night on the booze I get light headed. Gah I hate going to the doctors, no one ever takes me seriously. Guess I'll have to find someone who will
  12. Gah that's annoying! It probably would but I can't really afford it at the moment, however I am getting so fed up with people telling me I look tired etc I might just have to do it.
  13. I have just been reading and some people experience dark circles under the eyes up to a year after surgery, due to lack of blood flow, blood trapped along the orbital rim or accumulation of blood under the eye. BUT I have also noticed that a bruise I had on my leg about 2-3 months ago hasn't completely gone. Why could this be?
  14. nope surgeon didn't say anything about it unfortunately... I am hoping it would get better with time but it doesn't seem to be getting any better, at first I thought it was bruising. Any amount of concealer etc doesn't seem to help either
  15. Have anyone had thess procedures performed under their eyes? or know anything about it? Since having my nose done I have formed these dark circles under my eyes... I believe it because my nose used to be more spread over my face so it lifted the skin up under my eyes. Now that my nose is narrower the skin is tied to the eye socket. I don't think Lower Blepharoplasty will solve my problem because I don't have excess skin or sagging etc and it would probably make it worse. So to reiterate my skin is too thin and doesn't cover the eye sockets anymore FML
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