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    Hobart/ Tasmania
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    Breast reduction and Tummy tuck
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    Mr Kimble approx August 2013
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    158cm/72 kg/ 12E

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  1. Hi ladies, my surgeon suggested bio oil for itching and helping with healing if the scar and it works a treat! I am 3.5 weeks post off tt (extended mini) and BR
  2. Hi everyone, Today is day 4 after my breast reduction and mini tummy tuck. Everything went really well, I am loving my small boobs and my tummy and I have a c cup now instead of a E. I will post some pics later- all went really well, except I had a reaction to the endone on day 2 which lead to a massive headache and vomiting. Once my drugs were pared back to panadol/ panadiene forte I have been great. Great to the point that I have to be careful not to overdo things. Have had some pressure on,my chest yesterday and today, otherwise I barely have had any discomfort at all. I was expec
  3. Hi JJMelb, my weight is 69 kilos and I am 158cm. So I am not tiny and the 5 kilos above my recommended Bmi weight.
  4. JJmelb my surgeon won't do it either, he reckons I just need to lose about another 5 kilos and it will go. I carry all of my weight in my hips and tummy so it is infuriating that I can't lose the last 5 kilos and he won't lipo them. He said given I am also having a BR it just increases the risk that much more ?... I have tried exercise and high protein low carb and have lost 8 kilos but can't lose 5 kilos as my body always plateaus at 69 kilos. Also tried calorie counting and have between 1200-1400 calories max per day. So flipping annoying.
  5. Thanks everyone, the anesthetist has offered the gas first so I am going to definitely give that a crack! Lol thank gosh I feel better today. 9 sleeps whoo hoo !
  6. Best of luck- I hope all of your boobie dreams come true!
  7. So I had my consult with my anesthetist today. Up until this point I have not stressed one single bit. When she started talking to me about my cannula I had a panic attack as needles are my phobia. She was awesome and offered my angel cream and gas to settle me down. It seriously took me over an hour to stop shaking and I felt like I was going to vomit. All this just from talking about it. Luckily only 10 sleeps to go! She is also giving me a pain pump for the first 24 hours yay!
  8. Hi everyone, can totally agree with starting to stress. Evie you and I get ours done the same day but I am decreasing mine instead ? , also having a mini TT. Bag 80% packet.... We are nearly there!
  9. I know some of you are on the post op side and I thought I would set this up to share experiences.
  10. Hi August ladies, i am going to set up a new thread August ladies on the Post Op side to share experiences.
  11. Having mine done in Hobart - cant wait. I see all of these gorgeous lingerie sets and can't wait to go shopping!
  12. Thanks Danijade, When are you? What are you having done? Soooo exciting !
  13. I am having a breast reduction and mini TT in just under two weeks so I am loosely starting to put a bag together as I have to travel for work to days prior to my surgery. What do I need to take, I remember seeing posts here about bags but I cant find them now. Also is there a trick to posting pics of my befores?
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