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    BA with Dr Harwood 8th April 2013, round dual plane 330 HP.
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    Dr Hardwood
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    180cm 62Kg, 12a
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  1. I just wore the kmart ahh bras as well. Super comfy!
  2. I go out three or four times a week so I didn't last long before I went out again. I went to a house party then to the nightclubs 12 days post op haha.
  3. Hi Kat! I was waitressing when I got my BA and went back to work after 10 days. I just got other people to carry heavy stuff for me and only carried two plates at a time.
  4. Hi! So I haven't posted on here in quite a while but I'm going to Thailand in three weeks and am looking at having some dental work done while over there. Has anyone seen any dentists in phuket? Would love if anyone could give me some names and reviews. I'm just looking at having a few fillings done and getting my teeth whitened. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm nearly 4 months and I noticed when I was dancing round the house this morning that they were jiggling like natural boobs which got me all excited haha. Plus I've found they're pretty soft now and can be squeezed and squished together. I started as an A cup and got unders by the way
  6. Congrats Kiddi! I'm so glad it went so well and am looking forward to following your progress
  7. My incisions didn't hurt at all and there was never really a stabbing pain, more just a tight sensation and a dull ache. I slept in a recliner for the first 10 days and each morning when I'd wake up and sit up it would take my breathe away. It would take my a good few minutes to to get out of the chair but I will say in the end it was all worth it. Don't regret it one bit!
  8. Omg yes. Worst part of the BA experience for me. They were so itchy I honestly thought I was going to tear my skin to pieces from scratching. Lasted a few weeks and then eventually stopped.
  9. I used the spray as well but didn't start using it until after my surgery. I didn't get any bruising though and no major swelling. Always wondered if that was because of the arnica or not.
  10. I waited until a month post op to get measured and then again just a little over a week ago and I've gone up a cup size.
  11. Yay!! Good luck Kiddi I'm sure everything will go perfectly and they will look amazing! So happy for you and that it's finally your time!
  12. I mostly wear wire free bras I bought from myer but I have a couple of wired bras I wear occasionally now. I love going braless the most! I didn't get massive implants and I find it easy to go without a bra all day.
  13. I agree with HarlowAudrey, I very much doubt there will be a noticeable difference in size if you only go from 250 to 280.
  14. A week after I had my BA a friend of a friend posted a photo of her friend just out of surgery with a comment like 'Yayyy Jess just got her new boobies!!'. If my friends ever did that to me I'd kill them!
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