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    Planning 600cc teardrop imjplants!! I had full Anchor Lift on 9 September 2016 with Dr Eddy Dona and full tummytuck with extended Muscle Repair in October 2011 after loosing 65kgs (naturally with hard work, sweat and a whole lot of tears!)
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    Dr Eddy Dona 14 December 2017
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    168cm 78kgs 12D (sports bra)

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  1. Hi ladies!! Day 3. Going super well. Had hubs Christmas party last night, had 2-3 champagnes but didn’t over do it. Sat down all night and had a very quiet one, was actually a bit disturbing watching everyone smash themselves stupid... we left very early and was more of just a social thing for us. Have not had any meds since night 1 and have zero pain. Little discomfort here and there but just need to jiggle into a more comfy position. Skin is starting to get a little itchy in patches which means healing has started. I am quite bruised in some patches... to be expected through. Am taking Arni
  2. I felt great. I had a really good chat with my anesthetist before surgery and he suggested just having an anathestic drip and no gas, I was a little more aware for a few extra minutes whilst they were organising the room and table but don’t remember a thing. He said in his experience it’s the gas that can make you nauseous. The Dr Dona team is extraordinarily awesome and I Recommend them a million percent. Kingsgrove day hospital staff are phenomenal too. I actually got called in 1.5 hours earlier because there was a cancellation, I was told to eat breakfast before 7am that morning so I had a
  3. Hi girls!!! I made it... DR DONA IS AMAZZZZZEEBBBAAALLLLLLSSS!!! Hubs is re-naming me Dolly... on the drive home now! Much love xx
  4. Thank you! Seems so surreal atm.. not nervous......just super excited ?
  5. Me!!!! I’m going 600cc tomoz... yahhhooooooo ??
  6. Hello ladies ? just had my massage... felt amazeballlllsssss. Just feel like going to sleep now, but have a million things to do. She really loosened up my shoulders and neck which is where I hold ALL my stress so I’m hoping that will assist with the stiff/sore recovery back and sleeping position. Hope everyone is feeling well and staying super hydrated with the disgusting hot weather that’s coming our way tomoz and DD DAY (or Thursday!! ???) working half day tomoz and then getting my hair coloured and braided then it’s off to the city we go ready for Thursday. Take care ladies ???
  7. Hi! Looking great. Glad it all went well for you. Hubs asked me last night if I have everything ready for recovery???? I haven’t got anything ready... been so busy with lots of other things so focusing on getting organised this arvo.. anything you can recommend or wish you had of done. I do have movicol sachets, arnica tabs (took them for my lift last year and had a quick easy recovery so I’m thinking I’ll take them again) My kids are older and very self sufficient so will be able to call on them for help if needed ?? I cant believe it’s going to be 40+ degrees on Thursday.... that will be fun
  8. Thinking of you today. All the best... can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you ?
  9. Yyyaaaasssssssss the look amazing! What size did you get? Dr D is the best.. hope you are resting up well. 8 more sleeps ?✌?
  10. Good luck.... thinking of all you ladies... and counting down til my day!!! ????
  11. Hi girlies!!!! Hope everyone is feeling awesome and relaxed.... I have booked in a massage for the 12th, working half a day on the 13th and getting my hair cut, coloured and braided that afternoon ....then will probably totally lose my mind that night ready for D day (or DD as hubby is hoping ??) on the 14th. Best of luck to all of you starting with @EBL on Monday, can’t wait start hearing and seeing all our updates x ???????
  12. Hi everyone... so i had my final consult last week and after showing Dr D my wish-list we have decided on a new plan.... 600cc round high profile over the muscle.. not what i thought i was going to get but he is the expert!!! I am so happy, excited , nervous and cannot wait for the 14th. so much going on in my life atm that getting a massive surgery like this is a walk in the park compared to other things.... hope that all goes well for everyone and bring on December
  13. completely normal to be nervous.. Dr D is awesome.. we are in fantastic hands. What size are you looking at??
  14. Probably better to be safe than sorry re; money coming in.... and the Christmas season is sooooo insane so time will literally fly on by without you noticing anyways... Awesome that you have the 16th booked in. I am now second guessing my date being 10 days out from Christmas but hubby and i have decided that we are NOT traveling to see family this year. We are over 2 and 3 hours away from both our families and EVERY single year we are the ones that have to make the 5am trip to be at either families for Chrissy breakfast then the others for Lunch and then the trip home after which sees us home
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