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    Breast augmentation
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    9th April 2013 Dr Boonchai PIAC
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    5'1 52 kg 12b ( post op 12D/10DD)
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  1. Hi Madison L, thanks for the reply. I was just curious as he was my ps for my BA ?
  2. I just saw an email piac is joining together with Bangkok Phuket hospital and noticed that Dr Boonchai is not listed as one of surgeons, does anyone know where he is gone to?
  3. Hi there i was a B cup before my BA and opted for round 325cc mod plus implants which took me to D but now DD (weight gain) mine dont look like round balls at all but like gabby said depends on multiple factors on body and your breasts. Good luck with your research
  4. I'm looking into getting cool sculpting. Has anyone had this done before? Little update I went to have a consultation for the cool sculpting, she had me convinced that would definatelly work for me however I nearly fell over at the price, lol my boob job was half the price of the cool sculpting, lets just say that will have to wait a little longer now for my poochy stomach to disappear in the meantime still hard at it with the exercise
  5. Hi I'm looking at going to koh samui for my 40th in jul 2015 anyone recommend accomodation which is resobably priced between $100-$150 a night clI'm very fussy so has to be a nice resort along beach.
  6. Hi Rubie, Wow they look absolutely fantastic , Dr B has definately nailed the look you were after and to be honest I think yours look better than your dream boob pic! Yay for Dr B
  7. Lol have to agree allyann I love thai food I find that if I eat Asian food when I'm away I don't gain weight only when I eat western foods that's my problem lies and I also lather my food with chili so that helps the metabolism
  8. Hi I think you will be happy with dr Boonchai , in my opinion I don't think dr b has a lack of personality but I can say that he does take his work very seriously and that will show in your consult however I think out of work I reckon dr b would be the life if the party lol deep down he does have a heart I picked that up when I was humming and Arring about size in the end he told me this surgery is for you not anyone else so don't base your decision on what your friends think or even your husband you will be the one to carry the implant in your body and you must feel comfortable with them , he
  9. Hi I don't think I had a catheter when I had my BA but I did have one when I had a c section a tad uncomfortable when they had to take it out tho, in the question about peeing I think it only affects it if you have it in for a long time as in weeks for your surgery you will be fine I have no probs at all.
  10. I had dual plane as I had no upper pole but breast tissue under this gave me back fullness on upper pole. I couldn't tell you if hurts more than unders or overs but I had minimal pain only more like pressure if you have breast fed before I can tell you it's like when your breasts engorge with milk before feeding tightness
  11. Lol I woke up and freaked right out I was crying and pleading with the nurses to take me home back to Australia hahah I remember them trying to calm me down and asking me just to open my eyes and I said I couldn't because something was keeping them shut, but nothing was just to busy crying , I have done that before when I have had a GA I don't come out of it very well at all , then I was sick for the rest of the day and night vomited like every 1/2 hour.
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