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    Breast augmentation
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    9th April 2013 Dr Boonchai PIAC
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    5'1 52 kg 12b ( post op 12D/10DD)
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  1. Yea the gauze helps push the excess implant that was lower than the left boobie up inside the bra so it heals higher. I took the bra off this morning just to see if it had changed at all and there is a huge difference. I've taken photos but can't upload them here will sort it out when I get home. The only trouble I'm having is sleeping. I'm trying to sleep sitting up as much as possible but after a short while my bum goes numb and hurts or if I slide down in the bed the boobs hurt argh it's a no win situation lol. Tonight I'm going to take 2 Valium and just hope for the best lol but all in all the day pain is getting really minimal. How long till you just lay normal in your bed.

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