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    Breast augmentation
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    9th April 2013 Dr Boonchai PIAC
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    5'1 52 kg 12b ( post op 12D/10DD)
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  1. All good. 3 months post op already. my only drama is the results I got for the mammogram and ultrasound I had in Phuket.... I gave them to my GP here after googling the results and realising I probably can't ignore them. i probably have duct papillomas on both sides. I've had one before and they are benign 80% of the time,but there is the 20% doubt. I will probably have to have surgery again to remove the lumps which isn't great but is the standard treatment. I have another ultrasound on 17/7 then see a specialist on 19/7. In the meantime I just love looking at my boobs! my work colleagues have worked it out and Ive been quizzed, so under some influence of wine I confessed. They just noticed because they have never noticed I had boobs before they tell me! I work in a very male dominated workplace. So now I know they're all checking the girls out. I don't mind. I think it's a bit funny really! Better go to bed.it's 3am! Btw my photos have disappeared off my profile!?!?