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    Breast augmentation
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    9th April 2013 Dr Boonchai PIAC
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    5'1 52 kg 12b ( post op 12D/10DD)
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  1. Going well thanks. Still very swollen though....feels like the skin wants to burst. It's very hot here. A guide on a canoe trip pointed out that April is the hottest month of the year. In the next week or two it'll get up to 35-40 degrees! :eek: for a taswegian that's like melting!!! I didn't take sleeping tablets one night and really struggled, so took one again last night. I've been having showers and can wash my hair with no dramas. The only difficult thing is reaching right up high and some twisting movements. I desperately want to swim. I've been to the beach and pool, but just haven't submerged. The waterproof dressings seem to be doing the trick. I have a follow up appointment on Monday so stitches should come out then and I'll be good to go. I do feel a bit self conscious with these enormous swollen frankenboobs, but I don't think anyone is really looking. You must be so excited. Where are you staying??