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  1. Any ethical practitioner will reimburse this cost as treatment was refused by the clinic for a contraindication. It’s not like you cancelled the procedure
  2. Have you taken a photo and sent to the injector? They will be able to assess the area and colour of the skin to see if further action required
  3. Go back and see your injector. Palpable lumps not always an issue but if you can see on animation you may need a firm massage. Best to go back and have a chat. 4 weeks is long enough for the filler to integrate with the tissue and soften down
  4. That’s good feedback! I definitely still feel a bit swollen but it’s starting to flatten out. But can see results in the photos. I can’t wait for the next few months to see the final result ?
  5. I just had lipo with Dr Szalay 5 weeks ago in Brisbane and am happy thus far. It was $5660 for my abdo (front and back) and flanks. I cannot judge yet as full results in another 6 weeks but its looking good!
  6. AMAAAAAAAAAAZING! yes I have heard so many good things about Dr Ajaka but I cannot be bothered to fly to Sydney when the Gold Coast is down the road and Dr Kims work looks good too. I REALLY want a small waist, do not need a BBL, just want the fat around my mid gone. would love to see pics!!!
  7. OMG I just came in to post a topic about this but with Dr Mitchell Kim at the Cosmos on the Gold Coast. Did you end up getting it done? I have my consult with Dr Kim in 1 month. I just want a waist like Kim Kardashian so basically every fat cell from my nipple to hip bones gone ?
  8. Called this cowboy out years ago. I remember having fights on here with girls about his unprofessional practice!!!
  9. I fake tan but I prefer spray tan so purchased the machine, tent and solution and just spray myself (like the Mediterranean tan). Super easy.
  10. If they really bother you ask for the lumps to be dissolved, this is possible, sometimes lumps can form with product placed too superficial or poor post procedural care (massage). Usually evens out after 4 weeks, not not you can put a small amount of hyaluronidase in to reverse.
  11. I would seriously question the integrity of any surgeon who re-operated on you in such short time given the history of your complaints of being too big, now too small. Please spend the money on a good mental health plan and work out what is really bothering you before putting your body through another surgery.
  12. She went to a well known, now retired Brisbane Cosmetic Surgeon. He exclusively used the Brazilian only. I’m not sure of the exact brand sorry ?
  13. I met a lady today who had Brazilians for 6 years and developed ALCL. Healthy lady in her 40’s no other medical history. The Plastic Surgeon who revised believes these implants to be the cause. She has since had them removed along with some of her own breast tissue and is undergoing fat transfer to reconstruct. It’s the first person I’ve ever met who had ever had this!! It’s so rare but definitely happens...
  14. That’s what was first thought however I am told by everyone in the industry that it was tear troughs. Lots of hearsay going around
  15. Very rare. Australia only had its first this year. When you say forehead you probably mean Botox which doesn’t carry the sam risk as filler so not to worry.
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