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  1. donatella

    Do you Fake Tan?

    I fake tan but I prefer spray tan so purchased the machine, tent and solution and just spray myself (like the Mediterranean tan). Super easy.
  2. donatella

    Fillers under lips causing bumps

    If they really bother you ask for the lumps to be dissolved, this is possible, sometimes lumps can form with product placed too superficial or poor post procedural care (massage). Usually evens out after 4 weeks, not not you can put a small amount of hyaluronidase in to reverse.
  3. donatella

    Sooooo.... Revision.... Again

    I would seriously question the integrity of any surgeon who re-operated on you in such short time given the history of your complaints of being too big, now too small. Please spend the money on a good mental health plan and work out what is really bothering you before putting your body through another surgery.
  4. She went to a well known, now retired Brisbane Cosmetic Surgeon. He exclusively used the Brazilian only. I’m not sure of the exact brand sorry 😐
  5. I met a lady today who had Brazilians for 6 years and developed ALCL. Healthy lady in her 40’s no other medical history. The Plastic Surgeon who revised believes these implants to be the cause. She has since had them removed along with some of her own breast tissue and is undergoing fat transfer to reconstruct. It’s the first person I’ve ever met who had ever had this!! It’s so rare but definitely happens...
  6. That’s what was first thought however I am told by everyone in the industry that it was tear troughs. Lots of hearsay going around
  7. Very rare. Australia only had its first this year. When you say forehead you probably mean Botox which doesn’t carry the sam risk as filler so not to worry.
  8. The centre of the face is most dangerous
  9. donatella

    A succesful history of my bdd. Now I'm feeling better

    Hey I remember you and telling you that you’re very handsome and not to listen to online trolls. Very happy to hear you’ve found inner peace and best wishes and success with your book.
  10. The case in Australia was from tear troughs which many will be shocked because also a highly treated area x
  11. donatella

    What procedures can I use to improve my face?

    I’ll do it. But first I require I payment of $49.99USD for my time.
  12. I said this earlier in the year when someone asked about a liquid rhinoplasty. Its always been a risk, death is a risk with general anaesthetic. I’m glad people are finally listening and taking it seriously though but it’s been known and on your consent forms for years 🤷‍♀️
  13. donatella

    Tomorrow is almost here!!!

    Heyyyy sorry I’m rarely on here anymore. @Melbmummy I don’t have any pics in my albums only clothed pics I can probably drag up atm but keep me posted on your size I went from 550 to 800
  14. donatella

    From 560 cc to 800 cc

    Looking amazing Di!! can I ask where he lipo’d? I am looking into it and never thought about returning to eddy for it 🤔
  15. donatella

    I think I chose the wrong size

    Sorry you feel like this its the most deflating feeling. I've had my breasts done 3 times, 410, 550 and now 800cc and I wish I went as big as I could fit 3 surgeries ago. The good news is they will get bigger over the next 6-12 months, in fact I love my boobs so much more at 12+ months and they definitely get bigger. I would sit on them for this time and if you need to look into revision AT LEAST another 150-200cc to get a noticeable difference and honestly I don't think that would overdo your body at all