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  1. Thanks for the friend request P:oerkier Louise
  2. Thanks everyone Im hanging in there but still no change and worse today after physio yesterday but heard that can happen. I've never used a chiropractor Perkier Louise and am a bit scared as years ago I saw one crack quickly a friends neck and it scared the hell out of me but maybe its worth a try! Plus side is my tummy feels great and I have had to use it more to help my get up so feeling happy it feels strong and almost normal. Hope everyone is doing well xox
  3. So I just thought i would give a quick update of my progress since my TT MR on the 24th of Jan. After ripping stitches I continued to wear my binder until about 8 weeks and then was happy to say goodbye, although it was weird at first. I was feeling good and strong until I woke last Sunday and could not get out of bed : ( I have spent almost ever day at physio, Dr's and emergency.....had Xrays and am sure I rattle when I walk from all the medication. Apparently wearing the binder has made my back muscles weak and once removed (and using my back more then my tummy, trying to be careful with the
  4. Hey Buby 3 Im 3.5 months and Im the same....I go back to PS in a bout 2 weeks and Im going to ask him too!!! He told me at 6 weeks I was good to go but I like you just feel too sore and weak to even imagine doing much at all. Im still stuggling to carry more then 2 shopping bgas before I feel all the muscles hurting....LOL I have only just stopped wearing my garmet as I popped some of my stitches at 5.5 weeks so I wonder if that has not helped although I have also started to swell quite a bit above my belly button (haven't had any swelling there before really) so who knows!!!! I will be intere
  5. Buby 3 I know what you mean Im 3.5 months and I have been having those weird twinges too...LOL I also have noticed the last week these cramps have started again and I have been swelling a bit more. I only stopped wearing my binder full time about 2 weeks ago as I popped some stitches so I think that may be why I somtimes wonder if my tummy will ever feel the same again but Im with you...who cares with our amazing flat tummies....LOL It is a strange feeling though after having such a saggy tummy I don't know if this tight hard tummy is normal ; )Good Luck Holly 5 accepted friend request Happy
  6. Yes flattummytime exactly the same as me, thankyou....at least I know Im not going crazy...LOL Hope you are doing well xox
  7. Hi Ladies, hope you are all well Just a quick question.....Does anyone else get cramps almost like braxton hick in there tummy muscles since having tummy tuck???? I asked the surgeon and he said it can happen as all the muscles repair and start working again. Hard to describe but very much like a braxton hick you get when pregnant....they creep up and get tighter then relax. I find it happens only in the morning after being asleep all night, almost like a stretch. Hope my ramblings make sense?????
  8. Hi there, I just thought I would let you know I purchased a recliner and never used it!!!! Wasted money, I was much more comfy in bed with lots of pillows I just purchased 4 big ones and with the 2 I already had I was super comfy I am 6 weeks post-op tomorrow and I only started sleeping flat and turning sides this week (after my set back) more because I just got used to it but much nicer sleeping flat! I walked straight from about day 3 and although felt very strange and a bit uncomfortable I never had any pain. Funny how different surgeons have different rules. I can honestly say for me it
  9. Thanks everyone for the wonderful support Feeling a lot better today My plastic surgeon uses disovable stitches so eventually they will be gone anyway, I think he said they can take up to 6 months. He wasn't to phased to be honest felt all around my tummy, made me cough and said usually there will be a bulge of sorts it its bad and the main TT stitches. My tummy still feels and looks flat so that's been a good sign. He did mention that he uses disovable stitches as he has had 2- 3 people in the past have a reaction to the permanent stitches and has had to go in and remove and when he has gon
  10. He ladies, Soooo last Saturday I had a fall, I was watching my children kicking the ball around with hubby (well out of the way) when my son managed to kick it straight towards me and I naturally threw myself back to avoid it hitting me but with the cushion missing from the back of the arm chair and me sitting right on the edge I took a fall straight back pulling all my tummy muscles : ( It was sore straight away but then subsided for the rest of the day but when I woke in the morning I could barley move and to be honest the pain was worse then during my past 5.5 weeks of recovery ( I think as
  11. Hi Hellsbells,Lilnumber7. I am 5 weeks post-opp TT and full MR with Timothy Hewitt. I too had a tummy of a 6 month pregnancy (should be able to see my before pic) and I am happy to say I now have a super flat tummy I can't speak highly enough about Timothy Hewitt he has been and continues to be an amazing surgeon. Good luck : D
  12. Hi there, Im 5 weeks post opp on Thursday. I have a 5.5 year old and huge 2.5 year old. I spoke a lot to my 2.5 year old about mummy going to have an operation and we will have to be gentle and have gentle cuddles. She was and has been very good as before going in I had to do everything for her and she was so clingy with me. I found little step stools a blessing for everything....even the car as this helps them to get to a better level and a kind of boost her up. I also have her use the stool to get into bed with me for cuddles and she would lay next to me and be so gentle. I also showed both
  13. Hi Cantique, just got it, thank you....sen't you message x
  14. Congratulations Ladies on your up and coming TT's. Im sure you will not be disappointed!!!! Thank you so much for all the positive thoughts and kind words I really appreciate it! Haven't been on the computer much so sorry for the late reply! I hope all those who are recovering are doing well xoxo I have started a new thread "my tummy tuck recovery" I have only just started but will try and add as much information as possible for those who are wanting to follow, best wishes and thank you all so much xoxox PS: I have updated my pictures too
  15. I have had a lot of requests asking for updates on my progress and to follow my recovery journey so I thought it would be much easier to set up the one thread devoted to my recovery and to help answer any questions. I had my TT on the 24th of January. I had a major muscle repair and full TT with Lipo to my sides. My operation went for around 4 hours. I had very little fat so it was mostly the muscle separation/hernia and excess skin that was removed but I also had the lipo to both of my sides. I was told that I would probably be in a little worse pain due to no fat so more cutting through ne
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