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  1. I'm now 6 months post op. My tummy is still slightly tender to touch but has given no pain since a week or two post op. I struggle to do any ab work but that doesn't bother me - I can but it hurts so can't see the point. I starting walking again about a month after surgery and running at around the 3 month mark. My TT scar is too high though and where it curves up at the ends I have 'dog ears' where the scar doesn't sit nice and flat - I think this is fairly common and if Id have surgery at home I could easily get it fixed with a couple of stitches and local. My scar has stretched fairly
  2. I can't answer on the comparison between cs and tt but I do know that mine was no where near as painful as I expected. If you read my day by day thing I think I was on panadol by day 2 and only taking it as a preventative. If I hadn't got a cough I would have been fine. I had no pain at the incision site and only had it up near where the muscle repair started underneath my ribs. I did take arnica a few days beforehand (I know you only have today) and for the week or so afterward. All the best - the worst will be over so quickly and your new flat tummy will be fantastic.
  3. I met a girl (who uses this forum) in the waiting room at Bumrungrad and she went through GHT and she had two consults once she got to Bangkok and made up her mind after that. Talk to your case manager to see if it is an option.
  4. I couldn't ask my current acupuncturist to needle my boobs. I'd have to look for someone else. Tempting though. Lots more healing to go yet though.
  5. I figure scarring is no big deal - i'd rather look at my scarred breasts now than my old saggy roll them up and stuff them in a bra boobs. The scars will fade and in reality you won't be showing them to many people. I love love love putting a bra on and my boobs just sitting in there. I had a lift only and no implants - I've had mixed opinions on the quality of the job I had done, but I think they are improving now. I'd just like them to stay where they are forever. Mine were done in thailand by dr poomee - feel free to FR if you want a look.
  6. I've heard they use over the muscle too. There are some great results out there.
  7. I only had a BL (but also a tummy tuck) and my first thought was that it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would - very manageable. Next thought was "i'm going to vomit". Next thought was relief it was finally done. I felt very groggy for the next few hours.
  8. Just saw your ticker Mummyof3 - hope everything goes well today - how exciting!
  9. I didn't get to my goal weight of 48kg before my surgery - was about 5kgs away, but in the end decided that I just couldn't maintain 48kg and the lifestyle I enjoy so still went ahead with it. I'm not sure what will happen if I lose more weight post op, but I'm guessing my boobs will shrink more and I'm still coming to terms with them being so small now.
  10. I'm now 3 weeks post op and my scars all seem healed. There still seems a newness in some areas of my TT scar. When do people usually start using silicon tape for their scarring? I'm thinking in another week or should I wait until things have settle down further? How long do you usually leave the tape on before changing? Can you swim with it on? Thanks
  11. So I'm now 3 weeks post op and there really is very little change from day to day. I'm pretty sick of wearing the binder everyday. I actually feel fairly bruised around my tummy now so I'm assuming that is healing and maybe some of my numbness going. I get mild stabbing pains in my boobs where the stitches are. Neither of these things cause me upsetting pain, but there is just more awareness because you're always hoping that things are healing away nicely. In a week I'm allowed to leg and arm weights work and swim again. Somehow I just don't feel up to it. I've also had a cough since 2d
  12. I had a BL without implants with Dr Poomee 3 weeks ago. So far although my after shots are a huge improvement, I'm not ecstatic with my results, especially since he charges more than most surgeons - his prices are on his website as I can't remember - he did a reduced rate as I had a TT too, but combined was 400,000 baht. I'll give mine a bit more of a chance to settle down as I'm concerned one nipple is already wanting to point down. Either way its a huge improvement and he does have a great reputation - I think you'd be in safe hands in terms of experience - he hasn't had an infection in 2
  13. I used Dr Poomee in Bangkok and I was very impressed with his lift and implant photos. I only had a lift and so far I'm not 100% happy but it is early days yet - they are a huge improvement but I just think I'm already borderline having a nipple point down already. Anyhow, enough about me. If I was considering your type of surgery I would definitely be happy to see my surgeon - his needlework is sensational. The only thing to consider is that some surgeons don't like working on previously worked on breasts - I'm pretty sure Dr Piyapas does though - he's in Phuket and was one of my top choi
  14. That's a toughie. Do you feel that you're done with kids? Three is a good crop and there is a big difference between feeling clucky and the reality of another newborn and broken sleep etc. Plenty of girls in here have theirs done long before they have kids, so having your boobs done now certainly doesn't stop you having them. The biggest concern I would have is that I know one girl who ended up with big stretch marks during pregnancy on her augmented boobs. But maybe that would have happened anyhow. Do your boobs change a lot during pregnancy? I'd wanted a tummy tuck since my first
  15. I had my aureolas reduced when I had my lift - my old nips were always big and got even worse with feeding. He used a 'cookie cutter' to get a perfectly even circle and I've had no loss of sensation and the scars are no big deal as they are where there's a color change anyhow. If I'd had an option to go even smaller I would have - I just think small nipples make the boob look bigger no matter what.
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