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    went from small B cup to 10DD with 315 hp anatomicals with Dr Harwood
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    Dr Harwood
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  1. Hey hun, yes she has same as me. Silimied textured. She started noticing a lot of fluid around her breast, that’s the only symptoms she had. Diagnosed and implants taken out within 2 weeks. Also look at tga website, 56 confirmed cases in Australia in September, and now 72 https://www.tga.gov.au/alert/breast-implants-and-anaplastic-large-cell-lymphoma
  2. My friend who got her textured implants the same time as me (6 years ago) and has just been diagnosed with ALCL. She had her implants removed within a week. She will require chemo and radiation. Its very worrying thats for sure. Pleae keep monitoring your breasts ladies. She noticed changes with fluid build up around her breasts.
  3. Clothing was a little difficult for me at the beginning. Yes some clothes for so much better but I do like some loose flowing dresses and all the loose for tips or dresses just make me look fat definitely an adjustment but once you work out what clothes fit your new shape it's not too bad. I love v necks, and tops or dresses with a band under bust. Good luck
  4. My surgeon told me I would be approx a C cup but ended up more than a D Have qccepted you FR
  5. Go with the Drs recommendations. If he puts a larger implant that won't fit you could possibly get double bubble which I am sure you won't want. I am 160cm, 52 kgs was a very small B cup and got 315's. Now nearly 12months on I am large D cup small DD. Good luck tomorrow hon
  6. Hi ladies I haven't posted or been in this forum for many months now but I have had to come back to find out if anyone has experienced the same thing as me. I had my BA in March and am very happy with myresults and love my new breasts. However since June I have been battling pretty bad depression, actually pretty extreme depression at times. As much as I didnt want to I have had to surrender to anti depressants as I can't keep on going the way I am I have been thinking and even a friend asked me the same thing - can implants cause depression? Could there be something in the implant to mak
  7. Haha Inde, that is me. Lollies lollies and sweet biscuits. And yep thanks to all of this I have plenty of cellulite too. Are you going to do it? Georgia, good luck hon, yep its will power. And for your hubby to be a chef, OMG even harder.
  8. Good on you girls for doing it! I have spent the last 2 hours having a look through the website and the winners stories. WOW, absolutely amazing. I would love to do it however I don't know if I have that much will power. We are always going out for dinner with friends and have a few parties coming up. My kids have so much snack food in the house which would be major temptation. However I want those bodies, lol. BTW, I have major sugar addiction also. Sugar for breakfast lunch and dinner.
  9. I was a small B cup to begin with and only wanted a full C cup, lol. I am not a DD although it doesn not look like it and I wish I went bigger, lol. I wasn't able to go bigger though so I guess I have to be happy with my size A DD is not big in my opinion
  10. Bee new, I was tossing up on rounds and teardrops a couple of weeks before surgery too! I asked dr H his opinion and I can't remember his exact words but something like - you are 33, I think we need to look at the future and how they are gong to look in a few years time. He suggested tear drop to me due to the more natural shape and because of my age. Lol, didn't think I was that old but I could see where he was coming from. I instantly chose teardrops after that ha. My breasts feel really squishy, I posted up new pics, and a couple you can see hey squishy they are. Underneath where the bas
  11. I have tried uploading a couple of old albums but it still leaves the photos blank. I uploaded new photos fine but not the old ones. Strange
  12. I would go and have a consult with a surgeon and ask for their advice. I think if your body rejected the implant it would be fairly soon after implant so I would think (my opinion only) that they would revert back to how they were before BA. Would definitely get p[rofessional advice though
  13. Thanks JJMelb. I will definitely look into that. I need to do something. I think I did start getting it after my first baby nearly 15 years ago but after 4 children and with weight gain and then weight loss and the fact that I do eat quite a bit of sugar it all doesn't help. Thanks for your advice
  14. Gemini, I am not sure about the lump, I would definitely get that checked out. My boobs feel pretty good at the 3 month mark until they get cold. Then they go rock hard and feel very fake. Have you had your 3 month check up with your surgeon? The top part of my breasts feel soft and natural but the bottom of both of them still feel "artificial". I am sure its just nothing, keep us posted with you ultrasound
  15. Well I wish this was true for me I am nearly 34 and I have no interest in sex, and haven't for many years. My hubby would love it every day but I just don't want it. I am tired and honestly don't feel any different since having my boobs. I thought they would give me more self confidence and make me feel sexier and that I would want it more but it hasnt. I LOVE my boobs, I just wish I knew how to increase my sex drive.
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