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  1. Hi Hun sorry for such a late reply I don't come on here much anymore. I went over there thinking I was going to get dual plane but when I had my consult dr v told me I had enough tissue to cover the implant. I could have gone for dual plane but apparently it's more painful and costs more which didn't matter to me but I thought he knows best so I'll go with that haha I love mine they don't look soccer balls or anything like that I honestly don't think u would be able to tell if I had overs or dual plane :)

  2. Hey :) I'm booked in with dr v and hoping for some advice on overs or dual plane!

  3. yay congrats hun glad everything went well I was quite sick after aswell and the nurses can be a bit slow sometime which is frustrating but im guessing youll be going back to the hotel today which will feel a lot better then the hospital
  4. Hi there sorry for the late reply! no problems at all :)

  5. Hi there hope you don't mind I sent a FR would be great to see your pics as you are like me going from a 10B to a D. Cheers :-)

  6. i had a BA there nearly three months ago now. Very happy with my results my surgeon was Dr Veerawat who was very friendly and professional. The hospital is clean and the staff are friendly sometimes there is a bit of a language barrier but it is to be expecting going overseas. If you are planning on going over there I would defiantly recommend taking someone with you for the support
  7. Hi Krity Cosmedi tour is an agency and they go through a few different hospitals do you know which hospital you are having surgery at yet? I was going to use cos medi tour but wasn't happy with their service so I changed. I had my BA at PIAC with Dr V and honestly couldn't fault it at all
  8. I got mentor my sister got the silimed textured implants not the silimed P-URE . She only got that brand as the hospital didn't have the size she wanted in mentor WannabC I thought the same thing a bit at first but its not the case at all. He does use rounds aswell as iv seen quite a few girls lately get rounds but Dr V is very experienced with using tear drops and would rather use them instead of risking double bubble and other issues. I honestly am so glad I went with his advice im so happy with my results and you honestly cant really tell whether they are round or tear drop as I still have that upper pole fullness. At the end of the day I would rather pay the extra to be safe rather then going with the cheaper option and something does go wrong
  9. Thanks hun. No problems at all glad I can help :) x

  10. Just saw your recent pics!!! Awesome! They are fantastic, im going to show dr Boonchai your boobies as my want if that's ok?? Best set of teardrops I've seen ;) x

  11. good luck youll love him such a fantastic surgeon couldn't recommend him enough!
  12. hey hun I got 330cc tear drops and im about 8 weeks post. Was set on getting rounds but listened to what my doctor said and im glad I did coz I love them they are just the way I wanted them. I had no upper pole fullness but have now without too much of a fake look. Feel free to add me to have a look at my pics
  13. Hey hun im 2 months post op and iv only just started getting weird pains like that I had numb spots when I first had them done so I think like pisces said its just nerves
  14. i had the same issue with short distance so my surgeon recommended tear drop implants(Which I did get). He said he would prefer using tear drop implants instead of lowering the crease so it doesn't risk double bubble. But I have seen a couple of girls on here that have had it lowered
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