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  1. yay congrats hun glad everything went well I was quite sick after aswell and the nurses can be a bit slow sometime which is frustrating but im guessing youll be going back to the hotel today which will feel a lot better then the hospital
  2. i had a BA there nearly three months ago now. Very happy with my results my surgeon was Dr Veerawat who was very friendly and professional. The hospital is clean and the staff are friendly sometimes there is a bit of a language barrier but it is to be expecting going overseas. If you are planning on going over there I would defiantly recommend taking someone with you for the support
  3. Hi Krity Cosmedi tour is an agency and they go through a few different hospitals do you know which hospital you are having surgery at yet? I was going to use cos medi tour but wasn't happy with their service so I changed. I had my BA at PIAC with Dr V and honestly couldn't fault it at all
  4. I got mentor my sister got the silimed textured implants not the silimed P-URE . She only got that brand as the hospital didn't have the size she wanted in mentor WannabC I thought the same thing a bit at first but its not the case at all. He does use rounds aswell as iv seen quite a few girls lately get rounds but Dr V is very experienced with using tear drops and would rather use them instead of risking double bubble and other issues. I honestly am so glad I went with his advice im so happy with my results and you honestly cant really tell whether they are round or tear drop as I still have that upper pole fullness. At the end of the day I would rather pay the extra to be safe rather then going with the cheaper option and something does go wrong
  5. good luck youll love him such a fantastic surgeon couldn't recommend him enough!
  6. hey hun I got 330cc tear drops and im about 8 weeks post. Was set on getting rounds but listened to what my doctor said and im glad I did coz I love them they are just the way I wanted them. I had no upper pole fullness but have now without too much of a fake look. Feel free to add me to have a look at my pics
  7. Hey hun im 2 months post op and iv only just started getting weird pains like that I had numb spots when I first had them done so I think like pisces said its just nerves
  8. i had the same issue with short distance so my surgeon recommended tear drop implants(Which I did get). He said he would prefer using tear drop implants instead of lowering the crease so it doesn't risk double bubble. But I have seen a couple of girls on here that have had it lowered
  9. I honestly felt a little like that aswell even though I did tell my friends etc coz I really didn't care what other people though. I didn't want to tell work so all I said was I was going to Thailand for a holiday. Yes even though we might think that someone is getting surgery if someone said to us "oh im going to Thailand for a holiday" that's because we know so much about it. I honestly don't think anyone would second guess you if you just simply said you were going on a holiday. I had my boobs done and no one at work has said anything. Yes there are risks but there are risks having surgery here too. you just need to make sure you do your research and not pick the cheapest surgeon or hospital.
  10. oh also in my personal opinion if you are a very sporty person overs would be best for you if you have enough tissue. I honestly cant even tell sometimes who has overs or unders haha
  11. I have overs my surgeon said I had enough tissue to cover the implant. I originally wanted dual plane but he said he doesn't really find it necessary to do unders if the patient does need it coz it plus It takes a little longer to recover
  12. xxjadosxx


    Hey hun I wouldn't really worry about it until ur consult like the other girls said it all depends on what you have already how tall, broad you are what type of implant you will get etc etc your surgeon will measure you up and explain all that to you in the consult anyway they wont just expect you to guess haha also you don't want to get set on a certain measurement and be shocked if you arnt able to get that
  13. Hi girls havnt been on here in a while I hope all the post op girls are recovering well and good luck to all the up and coming girls x
  14. tear drop girl here too. I will try and post more after photos soon. Im two weeks post up and love them so far! I had Dr V and he did a great job very professional but I got over the muscle not dual plane because I had plenty of tissue to cover the implant .
  15. hey girls how are all the post op girls going? Hoping that all your surgeries went well and you are recovering without much pain. Good luck to all the girls this week I bet you are all excited
  16. Yes it defs does get better yesterday was a lil more painful (day 3) not sure why but I have heard I few girls say day 3 is like that but feeling a lot better today. I could feel and hear some fluid in my right one and it was a bit painful near my incisions but today I think its almost all gone yay! Love being able to talk to other girls going through the same thing also puts ur mind at ease hearing that other girls have the same pain in the same areas and weird sounds?!?! haha at least u know its all normal
  17. Hey girls so its day 2 post op and feeling great not much pain just very stiff and tight right side hurts more then the lefty guessing coz its my dominant side? had drains removed yesterday THANK GOD they are horrible things and was discharged from the hospital at around lunch time. Managed to fit some shopping in yesterday late afternoon. Look great so far but of course are still very pointy cant wait until they settle will try and put some photos up tonight
  18. Hi everyone yay I have boobies!!! I thought I should share my experience with everyone I know it was very helpful for me when others posted there experience so I thought I would do the same We arrived yesterday at the hospital for our consult where we first filled out the forms at reception and then taken up to PIAC. The hospital looks very nice and clean and staff are very friendly and professional. We were told that Dr V was running late so we would go down and get our blood tests and x rays done before we had our consult which was a very quick process which I thought was good there wasn't much waiting around. Unfortunately though Dr V was 2 hours late haha but wasn't a big deal for us I guess that shows how popular he is He was great at explaining everything the different incision sites, over under or dual plane and round or tear drop implants and the pros and cons for all the options. He also went through the risks and showed us how we would massage and what our breasts would look like if we didn't(trust me not a good look haha). He then took some pre op pictures and measured us up. We decided on 330cc tear drop implants over the muscle moderate plus profile. Dr V is a no risks man so I do suggest going in there with an open mind. my body wouldn't fit a big round implant without lowering the crease which he didn't want to do and risk double bubble. He said I could over the muscle as I had enough tissue in my upper pole to cover the top of the implant and that would give more fullness at the top. Also with dual plane u lose size. After our consult we paid and received our appt slip for surgery today. Had to be at the hospital at 6:30am this morning for surgery at 8:30am. Had to fill out some more forms and then was taken up to our rooms where the nurse gave us our sexy hospital gown haha (note nurse also took my nail polish off so prolly no point having fake nails or nails polish before surgery) waited around for about half an hour then the nurse came and put my drip in which was a wee bit painful and then I was taken to the operating room. Everyone was really reassuring making sure I was OK and letting me know that everything be fine. Then all I remember is a pain in my hand where my drip was feeling really drowsy and then the anaesthetist telling me to breath while putting the masks over my face and BAM I woke up haha my sister was next to me as she was next to go in wasn't in very much pain just realllllyyy sleepy I don't remember being taken up to room apart from mum coming in to make sure I was OK then I went to sleep. Been sleeping on and off all day not much pain just dizzy and vomited a few times don't think my body liked the anaesthesia plus its also my first surgery ever. Havnt seen them yet but cant wait for the bandages to come off so I can finally see them and get this shitty drip and drains out! If you have any questions feel free to ask I will try and update most days and will upload photos when the bandages come off.
  19. yay me too Big red! had surgery this morning feeling great not much pain been sick a few times but apart from that im very happy cant believe its all over now! hope that Arismum, cruzy2000 and blondiex surgery went well yesterday and jshez today. Good luck missaimeegilchrist for tomorrow hope your feeling better today x
  20. Yay good look for tomorrow big red im leaving tomorrow so wont be able to wish you good luck then. cant believe its almost here. I think im more excited to finish work at the moment more then getting boobs haha nerves will kick in when im waiting for my consult!
  21. thanks so much for writing that its put my mind at ease a little I have my consult on Friday with him and then surgery on Saturday! just out of interest could u have gone Dual plane if you wanted to? or he said over was better for you? thanks
  22. BigRed 1stAugust Arismum 1st August cruzy2000 2ndAugust blondiex 2nd august xxjadosxx 3rd August jshez 3rd August Breezab19 3rd August missaimeegilchrist 4th August Amie 6th August boobalicious3 6th August emmajanexo 6th August elle_ 6th August LeeG 7th August Miss_Tash 12th August Tessa 13th August Kona3232 13th August Suzi87 14th August Copperhead 15th August Freckles 15th August Lanc_lass 19th August Saruk 20th August lara83 20th august Kieransheagh 22nd august kylie85 22nd August gecko 26th August Kels84 26th August Zoey-lea 27th August Lee79 27th August lara83 27th august Blondie10 28th August Ak21 28thAugust missblissbomb 28th august Yay you must be excited that its closer now
  23. YAY! good luck hun im the day after you cant believe how quickly its come! I remember booking it six months ago and now im only five day away
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