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    BA early 2013 in Phuket :)
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    25 March with Dr Piyapas
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    172cm, 69kg, 12C

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  1. And was so glad to have met you to see in person how amazing he is
  2. Wow, amazing how similar your experience was to mine 3 weeks ago. I was so over the moon with the hospital, nurses, staff, care and especially piyapas. My story is here: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?14000-My-story-of-my-BA-with-Dr-Piyapas-Bangkok-hospital-Phuket&highlight=Piyapas
  3. Yeah for sure, when initially told 4-6 weeks, I was gutted and thought no was possible, so 4 days later and getting a far better result than what I was expecting was an amazing feeling 3 weeks post op today, and still amazed on how easy it's all been. No pain, no weird feelings, wound is almost completely healed, just occasional tightness. I wish you all the best for yours in 8 days and send my healing thoughts to you xx
  4. They are looking fab ! I'm 3 weeks post op today no pain, wounds almost completely healed, just occasional tightness. I'm so happy it ended up happening and piyapas got the big ones in
  5. Can I be added please? I'm on h goldy so not too far
  6. Gold Coast is a beautiful spot Hubby works away sometimes, so can be hard to plan things. But I'd love to be kept in the loop
  7. Dr piyapas is awesome! I am 15 days post op from just a BA and im over the moon. Met some ladies from Perth at the hospital and ended up catching up with them in patong and they too are over the moon. One had a BA and tummy tuck, one had a breast revision and one had BL & BA. Their wounds were great! Everyone heals and recovers differently.
  8. Me 400cc in right and 500cc in left, high profile mentors. I'm 172cm and 69kg. I'm totally in proportion now dr piyapas was spot on!!
  9. Hi zoey, I had my BA on 2/4 in Phuket and am so happy with everything! The surgeon, the care, the hospital, the new boobies, everything was fab!
  10. What about Gold Coast girls...anyone know of a group on fb?
  11. I'm with you Maz. I've been so surprised how easy it has all been and so little pain. The first two days were a bit hard, just getting out of bed. Then was up and around shopping, eating out and day 5 went out on Bangla Rd. I got my period on day 7 post op and my boobs went soooo hard was a bit worried, but that only lasted a couple of days. The pain relief I was given from the hospital does nothing for a headache, so was doing nothing for my BA. Instead of panadene forte, take mersyndol it doesn't clog you up.
  12. This is no joke...put half onions around the house and next to your bed. They attract bacteria and keep it. It'll prevent the rest of the fam getting sick too. It works. Just don't eat those onions afterwards!
  13. Hey, I have a Phoenix on my left side that goes from breast height to hip and my BA didn't alter it. It has some brushing above it from the drain but that's about it. I was a c and now, big lol. Don't know how big as I'm only 11 days post op.
  14. Whoa! Men! Pfft. Different species they are lol. Can't live with em, can't live without em.
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