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    I am very excited to get some none saggy boobs this coming winter. I am also considering eyelid surgery (if my kids slept I would be need this....lol)
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    Currently 74 kilos (on my way to 68 goal weight) Bra size 12B

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  1. Hi,

    Where did you get you BL

  2. Hi Betteringme, ive recently been using Selina from Replenish in Armadale. Reasonably priced and very happy with my results. I had juvaderm voluma to my cheeks and some under my eyes
  3. I would love to see your photos Hun as I myself done have a great starting block - Would love to see your end result :)

  4. Hi nicnac, thinking of going to dr Ashton, would love to see some photos :-)

  5. Hi Jaddles, Mark will attempt to get them a little closer together and lift them a tiny bit. The implant has also dropped a lot so it makes my nipples look a little high so hopefully he'll adjust that while he's there. I'm also getting my upper eyelids done (40th birthday pressie to me). I swear I should start my own Mark Ashton fan club as he really has performed a miracle on me. They are far from perfect but considering where I came from they have far exceeded my expectations.
  6. Nicnac would love to see your before and after a please. I'm booked with Mark Ashton next week.

  7. hey hun, Thanks for the add. Wow what an amazing transformation. So happy for you. Can only imagine how happy u must be. Congrats!! x

  8. Thanks everyone....I'm really happy as they are so any improvement will just be a bonus.
  9. OK Gals photos are up. I'm sorry they are a bit jumbled up with the most recent photos being first but you'll get the general idea.xxxx
  10. OMG FLOSS!!!! how are ya sista?
  11. Hi everyone......long time no post:) I thought it would be easier to reply to all the messages I've had regarding my surgery here instead of individually. Firstly I'll introduce myself for all those who don't know or remember me. I had my surgery a little over a year ago with Professor Mark Ashton and it was a complete success. I had the most revolting tuberous breast with a football oval space between them. I even had one surgeon say he wouldn't operate on me because I would be disappointed with the results. Mark was brilliant and suggested 460 extra high profile with a lift so that's what I did. He also advised the possibility of a follow up surgery to get the best results. Anyway everything went really well but at my 1 year check up Mark suggested a small revision to see if he could lessen the gap between my boobs as HE still wasn't happy. How amazing is that?? I was fine with my boobs as they were but my wonderful surgeon is such a perfectionist he wants another crack....lol My photos got deleted ages ago when the forum had an upgrade so I'll try and get some more up as soon as I get a chance (hopefully today). I'm booked in for my next surgery on the 10th of June so it'll be great to share this with you guys too. Please feel free to ask me anything:)
  12. Nicna, how are you doing? I'd love to see some progress pix & hear how your doing x

  13. I'm also having trouble viewing peoples pics:(
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