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  1. Hi Tayo! Hope you dont mind me sending you a FR. IM getting mine done on 17th of July and need to decide between 380cc XHP round or anatomicals! WOUld love to see your pics x

  2. Hi sent u fr as you have similar stats to me

  3. Hi there Congrats on your surgery :) FR accepted :)

  4. Hi, just sending you a FR, still trying to work out how to use this site lol I just had my ba with dr szalay done 21-4 and I just had some questions and would love to see pics?? :) thanks

  5. I know with my 2nd it took a lot longer for pregnancy tests to show I was pregnant. I don't remember at how many week I knew I was pregnant, but it didn't show up on the tests for at least another 2 - 3 weeks. I think deep down us women just know. Do your boobs feel tender? That was always the first thing with me. Good luck xx
  6. That exact thing happend to me, but mine were so red & itchy - made me crazy. It was an allergic kinda reaction. What are you using atm? Mine was from the dressings I was using. So in the end I ended up using a tissue folded down into a rectangle over my incisions with tape. See what your surgeon says, have you got a mobile you can contact him on? Good luck x
  7. Hello :) Have sent a FR as I am considering dr szalay as my surgeon! :)

  8. I am a Szalay girl & I don't think he would continue to operate if a patient of his was awake. I had twilight & woke up for a second, they saw I was awake & next thing I knew I was dresses & being taken to recovery. I know Szalay is know not to be the most chit chaty guy going around but he does great work. I have personally not had a problem since my surgery, but I think Playboy Bunny Boobs had a problem with her scar & from what I think he's been nothing but great. He wants all his girls to have real expectations from their surgery & gives all his patients his mobile so he is contactable after hours.
  9. I went with what suited my frame too... I said to my DR I just want a natural kinda look & In clothes I don't think people would even think they're fake. I got 400cc HP rounds. I am 170cms tall & 64kgs, I think I am pretty broad too. I was a 10A & am now wearing a 10E, but I don't think I look it.
  10. Hey PBB, It was so annoying doing the twice daily changes but I stuck it out as long as I could - nearly 3 weeks but then my boobs got all red & rashy from the dressings irritating my skin. When I first read Dr S paperwork I was like this can't be right, twice daily dressing changes & no showers, crazy!! But yeah I think he's set in his ways & wants us to have the least chance of infection possible. I just washed my hair over the basin & had showers with the shower head down so the water only came to just under my bellybutton & wore my crop & a top in the shower
  11. Hi there... I'm 170cms & about 63kgs. I was a 10A, got 400cc HP round implants & am now a 10E, but definitely don't look like one. Before my BA i thought I only wanted to be a D/DD at the biggest, but now being a E I even think I could of gone bigger. Boob greed has taken over a bit, but in saying that I am 100% happy with my new boobs. Goodluck
  12. I went to Precision Cosmetics in Brisbane & it cost me about $7500 all up including my consult & post op bra. I also thought about going to TCI, but l chose to stick close to home & I also loved Dr Szalay's work. I went & saw Dr Stradwick also & the advertised $7000 BA is only implants they have in stock, which wasn't many & all mod profile. When I asked about it they said it was a special from about 2 years ago & I had my appt over 6 months ago.
  13. It is hard to determine what size you will be afterwards.. I started a 10A, got 400cc implants & am now wearing a 10E. I am 170cms tall & quite broad so I didn't think I'd end up this big. But in saying that, I don't even think they're big - I'd probably go bigger given the chance again
  14. Next week my new season of Netball starts... I haven't played since October last year, just before my BA. I haven't done much really exercise wise since my BA (LAZY!!) but was wondering what kind of sports bra do you ladies think I should wear or recommend? I only have LJ crops atm, & was thinking of just maybe wearing 2 of them? Thanks
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