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  1. I really enjoy KX Pilates but due to the carona virus restrictions they are closed for the time being. I have looked at buying my own reformer for home but they are soooo expensive
  2. not me although I should be. We tried to make slime last night and it was a massive fail. How do you fail at making slime??? I am quite proud of my sourdough starter that I have bubbling along quite nicely - almost ready to give it a go and make my first loaf
  3. there is a green tea eye cream from Innisfree that I really like
  4. they look quite large - i would say 500cc minimum
  5. Hi Ritawaythe, I had invisalign and it was one of the best things I ever did. My teeth were already pretty great, but I had some minor aesthetic issues I wanted to address. As part of the Invisalign process you are required to have a mouth x ray and 3D imaging of your teeth. From this we were able to address some issues that I didn't even know existed. I paid extra money for AcceleDent which was about $1500 for a device you use every day. It means you are allowed to change your retainers every week rather than every fortnight. For me this was the biggest waste of money. For starters, my device broke halfway through my treatment and needed to be replaced. My treatment plan was for 18 months but with the device it was supposed to be over in 9 months. It wasn't. I ended up with Invisalign for 18 months and then I still required bottom braces to properly straighten one bottom tooth that was not responding well to Invisalign. As they were only bottom braces and were clear, it was actually fine and I was able to get a much more effective treatment this way. I found the braces to be far easier than the invisalign actually. I have to acknowledge though, that it might have been a different story if I had braces on the top too. Im sure it would have been more inconvenient as well as unsightly. All in all, the braces were far quicker and effective than the invisalign although I would still recommend the Invisalign in a heart beat. I had mine done at Smile Solution in Melbourne and was happy with their service. I was not charged extra for the braces and all up my treatment was $8,0000. It was honestly the best money I have ever spent on my appearance and one I think has made the biggest difference to how I look. Following my invisalign treatment I then went ahead and got 12 veneers on my top teeth. This was something I had always wanted to do but wanted to do it properly. By straightening my teeth and establishing the best bite, i was able to then get the most optimal result from my veneers. one of the aesthetic things I did not like about my smile was my cant. A cant is basically when your jaw slants slightly to one side. This meant I showed more gum on one side. With veneers, I was able to have my gum lasered on one side to make my gum line appear straight. The veneers were also made and fitted so that my toothline also appeared straight. It might be hard to explain so i will add some pictures to show what I mean. My veneers were by Dr Dee in Melbourne from Vogue Dental Studios and I honestly could not fault a single thing. He is truly a perfectionist and did not stop making adjustments to the veneers until both he and I were happy. Pre invisalign Pre Invisalign Post Invisalign (pre veneers) Post Invisalign/braces (Pre veneers)- you can see the cant (slope) of the teeth Post Veneers (gum laser)
  6. "Non-urgent elective surgeries in Australia's public and private hospitals will be banned from midnight in a bid to preserve the healthcare system to respond to the coronavirus pandemic." Such an awful crisis the world is going through. Has anyone had their surgery cancelled? What happens next? Have you been given a new date or do you need to rebook entirely
  7. You should consider looking into Dr Matthew Peters. he heads up a breast clinic in brisbane and does lots of reconstructive breast work.
  8. This is very commonly given immediately prior to surgery so that your pectoralis muscles are relaxed during surgery. I do know many patients who have also been prescribed limited doses of this post op to manage issues such as what you have described. I would be inclined to contact my surgeon and let them know of the pain/issues so they can assess you and advise on whether or not they wish for you to continue to take the muscle relaxant.
  9. She looks excellent, so much younger and fresh faced. Her heavy lids were hereditary rather than caused by ageing so it definitely enhanced her features.
  10. I can definitely recommend Prof Mark Ashton for both of these procedures. My bestie had her breasts done (very complicated, tuberous breasts requiring a lift and implants) along with blepharoplasty. You can see her results on her review here https://cosmeticjourney.com/review/clinician/mark-ashton/20/
  11. I suspect he is doing more rounds now because of the ALCL link with textured implants. I also didnt think medicare provided an item number for revision after 2018 except in the case of removal without new implants
  12. Hi there, As a TCI patient you would have had Nagor Impleo implants which are much better than the Nagor GFX implants I had. Donatella and I both had these implants and both had ruptures. My rupture was a gel bleed which caused very uncomfortable inflammation. I asked to keep the implants after explant and the side that was inflamed had air bubbles inside the implant and it burst in my hand when I gave it a soft squeeze. My preference for implants now is Mentor CPG anatomical as they have a very proven track record and long history so the longer term complications are well researched. Id also consider Motiva implants but I have some hesitation because they are new. I never claimed anything back from Nagor re my implant rupture but i had mine removed before the medicare changes so my private health insurance covered 100% of the cost
  13. I havent had any experience with Dr Dona but he has many happy patietns on this site and is on the affordable side. I had a rupture and took advice from Dr Tavakoli and can highly recommend. He is on the more expensive side, but well worth it in my opinion.
  14. Hi wantboobs, im more than happy to answer your questions: 1. Your explants were quite large... how long did you have them in for? I had them in for around 5 years (just under). I had 410cc but they were roughly the same size if not smaller than what my breasts were when I was breastfeeding. I developed no new stretchmarks from my surgery and the skin was never stretched to accomodate the implants. 2. I really struggling to find an understanding surgeon with experience in downsizing. I saw a handful, and they all just said they thought I looked fine. I think surgeons get so out of touch with what looks natural. I understand this. I was given advice that I could downsize in one operation although, the suggested downsize amount would not have been enough to make me happy i.e. less than 100cc difference, i think I would have still thought they were too big. I developed other symptoms prior to my explant which necessitated the surgery and my surgeon was happy for me to exchange for a smaller implant during that surgery. It was actually another surgeon (Dr Tavakoli) who gave me the advice that I can now see was in my best interest. I had asked his opinion earlier on about downsizing and he told me that the safest way would be to remove my implants, let the pocket heal and the skin retract, then go for implants later on. He told me I would have a high risk of rotation with anatomical implants if I implanted straight away. I feel like he really understood my desire for a very small natural look but was also very realistic and frank with me about the only way I could achieve that. I ended up getting a bunch of uncomfortable and concerning symptoms the weekend before my surgery (i was at a plastic surgery conference incidentally) and it was here that again Dr Tav told me that I really needed to take them out asap and not put new ones in for 12 months minimum. Of course this was not news I wanted to hear, especially since I was booked in for removal and replacement two days later but he really urged me not to. Given his experience and reputation as a world leader in breast surgery, i really felt it would be crazy not to take his advice. Anyway as you can see from my story, I ended up electing to not replace them and when i woke in recovery my surgeon said to me, 'i dont know how you knew, but I am so glad you didn't want new implants in straight away because it was a mess inside". It was bad enough that he spent extra time in theatre and wanted me to stay in hospital overnight. 3. How do they look now? Again, I took advice from Dr Tavakoli to strap my breasts down with hypafix so that the skin would have a good chance of retraction. I did this for three months and I will say, i feel like it helped immensely. I also wore a very tight compression crop top 24/7. At around the 10-12 month mark I could honestly say my breasts looked a hell of a lot better than they even did before I had them done. I think this is in part due to the fact I had them done only 4 months after I stopped breastfeeding so the skin hadn't fully retracted. They are not saggy at all but they are deflated. Think about a deflated balloon lol if i gain weight they fluff out more but due to some weightless caused by stress, they are pretty non existent. Maybe a small b cup at most. I was 175cms and 55kgs when I had them done, I started at about a 10C (deflated though). Currently im only 48kgs and I only really wear calvin klein crops or barrettes but Id be about an 8B. Id be more than happy to DM you a before and after pic if it helps you to your mind at ease. I am at the point now where I am very keen to have a small implant put back in but my issue is I really would like to get them done by Dr Tavakoli but he is in Sydney so I would need to go there for a week and its just so hard to find the time. I definitely want an anatomical implant and in the 200-270cc range although he suggested a motiva implant would also work well for me. For me, the biggest issue I had all along was that I was thin, not a lot of breast tissue, deflated but not saggy and already prestretched from pregnancy and breastfeeding. An implant that was too small would not have filled the skin pocket well yet I didn't have enough loose skin for a lift. I would have preferred a lift if it meant i could have had a small implant but was always told i didn't need one. So, im in that awkward borderline category. Same thing with my stomach. I have some stretchmarks under my belly button, the skin is a little lose, but there's not enough skin for even a mini tuck. It kind of sucks to be in that category but im sure there are manny of us out there. Im very much like this woman's before picture and although her implants look biggish (they always do when they are naked) she only has 295cc implants. It gives me hope. The second and third images are my goals, Id love to achieve. Im all about the mini boob job look.
  15. My best friend had hers done by Professor Mark Ashton - you can see her results here https://cosmeticjourney.com/review/clinician/mark-ashton/20/ You can find more reviews for blepharoplasty with surgeons in Vic here https://cosmeticjourney.com/reviews/
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