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    TheFox reacted to Rarrar087 in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    @dream it - live it your progress photos look amazing! Can I ask your before and after stats? Thanks!
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    TheFox reacted to AS1 in Breast lift and implants   
    Thank you @TheFox i'm thinking exactly the same, i've just got to wait until i've had my consultation  
    Yes i'll let you know for sure. I'm sure i'm going to have lots of questions along the way. 
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    TheFox reacted to cosmetic in Poll: Was it worth it   
    I can’t comment on Melbourne surgeons as I don’t know any of them. I trust what   @TheFox posted as a reliable genuine source.  
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    TheFox reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in OMG I am getting veneers   
    Looking great already! You are absolutely beautiful anyway, might I add!
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    TheFox reacted to LaurenT in OMG I am getting veneers   
    You are absolutely stunning! Your before teeth are beautiful, so your veneers are going to be perfect! Can't wait to see the end result. 
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in OMG I am getting veneers   
    Wow looking amazing!!!!
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    TheFox reacted to cosmetic in Foot Fetish   
    Well considering this forum anonymous and @TheFox don’t think I’m weird or ban me from this forum lol only responding.. someone must have hacked into my old cosmetic account and post this topic. 
    @tiiegan Is talking about doing a  foot job on her boyfriend.  Instead of the girl useing her hands ( hand job) she  use’s her feet to pleasure her man ( foot job)  ( it can be a good work out especially for the stomach,thigh and legs) 
    Foot fetish is  for people  who love  feet soles toes  etc.. it’s very common.  Alot of girls have foot fetish as well but won’t admit to it so I’m told.. 
    Who doesn’t like a girl with nice pretty feet hahaha! 
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in OMG I am getting veneers   
    ?? you’re so so lucky!! I’ve been waiting nearly 2 years for the bloody things. You’ve made a good choice his work looks amazing!!! 
    I better have them by June ????
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    TheFox reacted to MaisieF in implants before or after children   
    I’m doing well, and thanks! And you’ve reminded me that I must update my post pregnancy boobs thread!?
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    TheFox reacted to sabP in Bwd and implant width   
    all good @TheFox and it's good to know that there are options for girls that are keen to have a cleavage, for some it is really important  xo
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in Cosmeditour Sydney   
    You’re going to go into surgery blind? I research my dentist to within an inch of their life...wouldn’t you want to know who is cutting you open before you commit to a procedure ?
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in PS recommendation in Sydney???   
    You know what gives me the real hump about this story.  This doctor is a member of the CPSA, the same group that cry nice and loud about how wrong it is that nurses are Cosmetic Injectors and its so risky and only Doctors should perform these treatments.  Yet here we have one of their own butchering people and doing far more damage then poor old nurses who are legally performing their duties.   You don't see Plastic Surgeons crying out about how wrong and bad CS are, they will educate patients and let them decide.  It's hypocrisy at its finest.
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    TheFox reacted to misstons in Do you think Fillers are better in enhancing the nose than rhinoplasty?   
    I had filler in my nose to get rid of my bump. I was super sceptical it wouldn’t work at all, but I was surprised. I was completely happy with my result. I will eventually still have a rhinoplasty but this is great to do the job in the mean time.

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    TheFox reacted to donatella in Breast implant related illness real?   
    Let’s class action the implant brand ??‍♀️
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    TheFox reacted to Lover in Braces removal - why did no one tell me   
    hahaha, awwwe u poor thing. You've had a full on few weeks!
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in Braces removal - why did no one tell me   
    Oh bloody hell no one ever mentioned this part ??
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    TheFox reacted to MrsGreatfull00 in Does a (large) BA make you look fat?   
    @TheFox Sending big hugs my love. Don't be too harsh on yourself x
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    TheFox reacted to Panda 33 in Health concerns :(   
    Thanks so much for all your responses! I really appreciate them all
    Ill definitley opt for smooth. Hopefully they will be suited to what i want. Ill check back in after my consult and hopefully ill have talked through all my issues with ps 
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in Bio oil   
    Whilst I don't personally believe in bio oil I don't think it can hurt.  If you are going to get stretch marks they will happen regardless of any lotion and potion you use. Also note that woman says 'bio oil is bad' but 'buy my boogie butter instead' ? 
    Stretch marks are formed in the Dermis layer of the skin and nothing topical can penetrate and treat them.
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    TheFox reacted to Kismet in Who remembers the bras n things complete comfort bra?   
    Not me sorry i never really bought decent bras before BUT if it is Complete comfort and you find out let me know because i dont find bras comfy at all
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    TheFox reacted to cosmetic in Kombucha   
    iT'S NOT HARD TO MAKE kOMBUCHA RATHER CREATIVE!!  I find my homemade Kombucha better than the commercial Kombucha.
    I would have loved to have given your 6 old some of my  Kombucha if  only you were in Syndey .
     I'll post photos of my booch up for members...  
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    TheFox reacted to donatella in Dr Eddy Dona or Dr Miroshnik or Dr Tav   
    Yep I'll tell him that I have this forum watching too. Should be interesting I want to watch when I wake up ?
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    TheFox reacted to Abevemi in Real or fake quiz?   
    77% - I thought I would nail it!  Just goes to show that sometimes you just cant tell
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    TheFox reacted to sparkles16 in Real or fake quiz?   
    77% tricky!!!! ?
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    TheFox reacted to D e in Real or fake quiz?   
    95% ?
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