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  1. Hi Kristen, Im booked in with Dr Pipayas August 2015 and was interested in seeing your progress pictures if you dont mind. I will send you a FR.

  2. My understanding is that most Australian surgeons don't like to touch botched jobs from overseas surgeons and its hard to find someone that will.. (as she had originally said not many people wanted to help). Maybe he doesn't want his name against this because he is worried he will get a lot of others with bad boobs coming to see him too hoping and expecting great results like she has commended him on... You cant fix everything and he might not want to be known as the go to surgeon for overseas fix me ups??
  3. Im pretty sure you will get a wayyyyy more receptive and helpful response from TCI then any Thailand surgeons!!!
  4. Im also a 10E and I go to outlet shops and buy really nice sets for crazy prices like sometimes even $20 or 30.00 for a bra and matching g. I always save myself loads of money doing this and there is nothing wrong with them either - you just need to be less choosy on the design - I never really care to be honest its all about how they fit. I've got some really good stuff in the past and have a draw of nice underwear for like half the price.
  5. When I first got my boobs I couldn't rave on enough about how great Bangkok Hospital Phuket was and Dr Piyapas - The price is affordable and you really just have to take the risk and hope you don't get any post op complications. Its been ages now, my boobs never settled evenly and scaring is a little raised (this is nothing major, not the end of the world stuff but Im not 100% happy that the right never dropped as much). I always thought if I was to get them redone I would go back there. So after about a year post op of patiently waiting for them to even up I thought I would enquire and I sent him pictures and was kinda fobbed off without much of a response. Pretty rude really.... I wanted to know prices for revisions and never got a response! I have a savings account set aside and when I get a revision in ten or so years I will be paying for an Australian surgeon for the peace of mind and better post op care I think!
  6. I have scars which are a little thick and raised too! I noticed they worsened when I used silicone strips which I thought were odd - as I thought those were the best for scarring. To begin with I also used a good quality scar gel approx 3wks after surgery(2x a day religiously as directed) but gave up after spending hundreds on tiny tubes of other silicone gels/creams without any improvement. I think it's called keloid or hypertrophic (might be spelt wrong) scars - some ppl just get them and there is not much u can do except things like skin needling,IPL or scar revision surgery which is expensive and for me not worth it seeing as no one sees them except my partner and I!
  7. Yeah I sent in a message the other day but have not had a reply. The boobs are well over a year old but I don't think it matters how old they are if the force of the harness is strong enough it might do some damage. I might just not risk it unless they say they have had girls with fake boobs do that all the time (I would hate to ruin my holiday if something were to go wrong)
  8. I'm going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks and I really want to do the sky jump off the stratosphere building. I'm a bit worried that the harness could damage or dislodge my under the muscle implants though. http://www.skyjumplasvegas.com/skyjump.php
  9. Hi Kristen110, I'm have a BA with Dr Pipayas in under 3weeks.not sure on what size I want. Any advise with Dr? I've sent u a FR, hope u don't mind

  10. OMG need some serious motivation here ladies!!! Before my BA I use to run minimum 5K a day and lift a bit here and there - I had unwavering motivation Id work out rain, snow, or hail... (Himmm... I am in Perth so that was not very often but even when it was like 40 degress I would still go for a run).... This year I have been so unmotivated and just cant seem to drag my sorry ass off the couch or away from the computer to exercise! Im addicted to sweet food - cakes and chocolate seem to be an almost daily indulgence!!! This is NOT good! I know it, I think it, but I cant shake it! Its been a year since my BA - I told myself when I've got boobs I'll have an ever fitter, hotter body but I've actually let myself go and now am like 5 kgs heavier!!!! I'm not a slave to the scales but got on them out of curiosity the other day and was horrified. This must stop - How do I get myself out of this rut and start eating better!!! MOTIVATION AND ADVICE NEEDED NOW... tell me your secrets... I need to stop eating crap and get going!
  11. Wow just came back to more comments... Ooooh Indie I want to see your ring too... Mine is 7K - I suddenly feel like that is cheap compared to yours!!! I really want it and even told him if hes too stingy to pay that much then he should ask the jeweler if they can make it exactly the same but with the big centre rock as a fake haha its the actual design I like and I have not seen a ring like it anywhere. To be honest I wouldn't care if it were a fake diamond and cost half the price. Ive decided that I am not going to bring up any talk of rings or weddings unless he does and be completely honest with my answers. Thanks for all the advice... now off to check out your bling haha
  12. You raise a really good point.... From someone who has been to Thailand and had a good outcome it baffles me that people pay $12,000 + for boobs here in Australia and its only done under sedation and you are shipped home straight away. Basically your paying twice the price for half the service if comparing to Thailand. The only benefit is the aftercare. My surgeon probably does a few BA's a day I'd trust him more then someone in Australia who only does one a week (if that)?!?! I know TCI does them for like 7K - I'd be really interested to know where the savings are made tho? Do the surgeons just get hardly any fee or what? To me that still isn't suitable as I'd have to fly to the east coast. Comparing Hotel and Expenses for 2 weeks in Aussie to Thailand and the savings aren't all that great. At the end of the day its all about money really. I was ok with this risks to save some. If you do your research pick a good surgeon and an internationally certified hospital then surely that reduces your chances of negligence hugely!
  13. Sorry to hear that your boob is dropping faster then the other! Is it ridiculously lower then the other boob - as in way too low - where are the scars sitting on the lower boob? Is it in the crease or like 1cm above the crease or more? I'm no expert but keep a very supportive bra on 24:7 until you can see the aussie surgeon. Keep taking clear pictures and send them to your Thai surgeon. They are probably reluctant to say anything because it is so soon after your surgery and often boobs don't drop evenly and perfectly together. They will probably tell you to wait at least 6 months and who knows... in a few weeks your other one might've caught up. Try not to stress.
  14. Thanks ladies for your comments lol Im worried someone has emailed him a link to this page haha - this morning I woke up to messages from him (he works fifo) saying he has been looking at rings but wants me to have the one I want so that's nice lol still think its funny he keeps informing me about it tho will leave it at that and wait some more I guess
  15. Omg a year wow how exciting I didn't even think about that haha
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