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    After being pregnant or breastfeeding for almost 3.5yrs straight, then losing 14kgs, my once perky 10Ds are now empty. So to get them re-stuffed, I am getting a areola lift and implants. Not sure what size yet - but probably a D-DD.
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    Dr Poomee - 29 April 2013
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    175cms / 67kgs / empty 12D

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  1. How lucky are you! I wanted to go to Dr Harwood, but he doesn't do lifts. I'm wondering whether my right implant is hardening and will need to be removed. But I've heard a lot of surgeons here don't like to touch anyone who had then done in Thailand. I hope after the second surgery you get the size you wanted.
  2. Justright that sucks big furry ones!! Will the manhandling really work? I'm asking this because I'm starting to freak that I might be getting it myself in my right side (I'm right handed so who knows whether that will have any bearing on it??) I've noticed for about 5wks now my right side isn't as soft and natural feeling as my left side. It's still pliable, but just not as soft. I've also been getting more niggly pains in that side too. But I am only 4.5mths post op, so that could just be nerve regeneration?? I had mine done in Bangkok so it's more stressful that I can't just pop in a
  3. Thailand is definitely the cheaper option. And if you get an amazing surgeon like I did and there's no complications, then it's great. But you seriously need to consider the after care. Personally I wished I haven't looked into having it done here in Aust more before I went ahead and booked my flights. Even though I know I have good quality implants, I wished I was getting the brazilians after I'd booked. And there's been so many things that's happened afterwards that being able to go and see someone would put your mind at ease so much better. Yes my surgeon is super quick at responding
  4. I'm 3mths post op and have been wondering what I can and can't do. Weights, push ups, dips, boxing etc. I dont know whether it's ok to feel the muscle gripping. So I've been a little hesitant. I'm going to try pump this weekend though.
  5. I had an upper eye lid in Thailand 2mths ago. I'm not sure I'd say it was painful, just annoying and irritating when it was scabbing. Sometimes it gave me a headache and my eyes got a little blurry. But that's all normal. I tacked my eye lift onto my BA surgery so it only cost me approx $1700. Thankfully I had minimal swelling or bruising. Bruising was gone after 2wks. Very happy I got it done.
  6. haha no it was about 6mm long and just like pulling out an ingrown hair that had broken through the skin. I couldn't feel it at all.
  7. See this is why this forum is so great, there'll always be someone out there who's going through, or has been through, the same thing. And if not, everyone's still so supportive. Thanks Fox - where I've lost the pigment it's just the same colour as my skin. It's funny, with all the things have I've gone through since my op, I've never really been stressed - apart from when I found some stitching poking out of my areola almost 4wks post op. I was freaking out my body was rejecting the internal stitching. My PS responded to my email (with pics) a matter of hours later and thankfully it wa
  8. Well that's good to know Tango. Mine sounds about the same. It looks like it's lost a little of the pigment in a small sliver.
  9. Hi All Just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced any colour loss in their areola after a lift. 7 weeks ago I had an areola lift with under the muscle implants. And the last couple of days I've noticed part of my right areola looks like it's losing some colour. I intend on taking a photo tomorrow to send to my surgeon. But I thought I'd see if this has happened to anyone else. The areola wasn't removed during the process, in case anyone is wondering. Cheers
  10. ok checking out that link, I don't see or feel any lines underneath. And I had an areola lift, so my incisions aren't in the usual spot underneath. So who knows?!?
  11. I've been getting a similar pain under my dominant side too. perhaps it's a normal part of the healing process. at least that's what I'm hoping anyway. Some drunken chick elbowed me in that boob last weekend and I've been wondering whether it's been swollen ever since. But I'm paranoid it's CC. I don't know what mondor cords are. Will check out the posted link. Fingers crossed its all ok and just healing pains.
  12. MamaTee I had a stitch come out a bit the other week. I took a pic and sent it to Dr Poomee. Thank god it wasn't an internal stitch. Just a bit of leftover skin stitch. So I just pulled it out and it was all good. I've taken some pics yesterday, but still need to upload them. Man I need a tan to be able to really appreciate the cleavage My squarish boob has even out a bit. But it's still flat, and saggier, then my right boob. But I know us as women will always criticise our bodies no matter what. Regardless though, I'm so much happier with the girls now
  13. I went with 325 mod profile. I have my days of thinking they're a good size and then others I wish I'd gone smaller. I think it mainly depends on the outfit and bra i'm wearing. And of course my mental state on the day I've put on a couple of kilos since not exercising for 5wks and eating Thai food for 3wks. Mine are definitely moving around a lot more. I could feel them jiggling when I was walking the other day.
  14. I went with 325, they were just wider than the 300. Maybe should've just gone 300 mod, or even mod+. All my friends say they're a good size for me and not too big. My left boob was always the bigger one and is therefore a bit saggier than my right. I wonder if he took a bit more skin off with the lift that it would've been better. but for all I know it would've stretched my skin too much? The left boob also looks weird when I lift my arms up. I didn't massage down as they were already on the crease line and I didn't want to get a double bubble.So it could be my fault?? But like you, I also
  15. omg it's like heaven to be able to sleep on my side again. I'm measuring a DD. I'm wearing the bras I wore a month or so after finishing breastfeeding. So that's saved me some money...although I still want to go out and buy more...because I now have boobs that fill a bra. But I'm trying to wait in case I need a different size in a few months. I hope everyone is still recovering well.
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