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    Breast Augmentation.
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    - August 2013 - D+ Above the muscle incision Breast Crease.
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    5ft3 59kg Currently B cup

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  1. Thank you all for your reply's! Unfortunately I went on word of mouth from others about my surgeon and ended up with results I didn't really want... My surgeon was very rushed and didn't take much time with me.. probably took him 10 minutes all together to pick sizing (as I felt rushed) I should of known then but hey... we all make these mistakes. I'm 19 so my pre op was a B cup no sagging AT ALL! Don't get me wrong my post op results are not your typical sagging but there a lot lower than I had hoped for. I'm hoping to contact him soon and question my results, do you guys know how much surgeons usually charge for revisions? If you guys were interested I may put up post op photos - but let me know Thanks so much! xo
  2. Hey Guys, 6 months ago I went under the knife and got my breast augmentation done, I now look at my breasts and think they aren't quite what I wanted..... First of all they are lower then I had hoped for (saggy) - I had wanted to be able to not wear a bra and them be perky and high but unfortunately there not.. also they tend to sit in my armpits not forwards (so they point outwards) and they are a little too heavy for my frame and I find it extremely hard to run. I was just wondering WHAT CAN I DO!? obviously I didn't want this to happen and I am very conscious about them... Has anyone else been unhappy with theirs!? I feel awkward in going to my surgery and saying I am unhappy about them, and is there even anything my surgeon can/will do for me!? Anyone who has experienced similar experiences, please share! I got mine done in Perth, WA. Above the muscle, round, 500cc. PLEASE HELP!!
  3. Hi Guys! I recently developed stretch marks on my boobies! :(I'm one month post op and I've started putting on Stretch Mark Massage Lotion and Bio Oil but they seem to be getting worse! The WORST thing is there around my nipples so it looks like I've got massive nipples!! AGGGGHHH! Can anyone advise me how long they took to fade away!? And what they used to get rid of them. I'm starting to get bit devastated! Thank you Laynee
  4. PHEW! That's great to know. Thanks so much
  5. Hi guys, I am currently one week post op as of yesterday - Yay! But I feel as though my right breast implant is healing quicker (feels squishier, less fluid noises etc) Is this NORMAL!? I am thinking that maybe because i'm left handed thats why my right is healing quicker? Please help as i'm freaking myself out a little. Thanks Laynee x
  6. Katems22 I've got nails is there a particular reason you got them removed!?
  7. My partner of 4 years hates the fact I want a Breast Augmentation. Every time I bring it up he say's "I don't want to know about it!". For a couple of years he's convinced me that i'm "perfect" the way I am, but I've now made the decision to go and book surgery as I feel it is my body and if it is something I really want why should I listen to him! And I am still yet to tell him!! - Think he might be in a bit of shock when he see's me. Wooops!!
  8. Thank you all for your opinions. My boss doesn't know as of yet. But it looks like I need to take more time off and I completely agree with "you don't want to cause yourself complications cause you went back to work too early" that's what I was worried about. Aaaaagggghhhh such a hard decision as my boss isn't going to be happy. May just have to leave....
  9. Also i work in Retail if that makes a difference!!
  10. Hi All, I'm having surgery on the 8th of August, I've only got little amount of Annual Leave left and my boss said that I am required to go back to work 1 week later (15th Aug). Is this enough time for me to recover!? HELP! I'm going over the muscle. Any opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!
  11. Hey Girls! I've finally booked my surgery for August 2013! Going with Dr Goldman here in Perth! Anyone had any experiences with him!? Thanks!!
  12. I'm the same they haven't had any bad reviews but there is little information about Dr Unson. I'm thinking Dr Veerawat or Dr Jib. How was Bangkok hospital? I'm so glad your happy with your results! They look amazing! I wish i had the guts to actually just get them done! i keep on hesitating and saying "what if?" aggggghhh ! Laynee
  13. Hi Melc_22 I've read previously that you where enquiring with Ultimate Beauty Escapes? What made you decide to go with Bangkok Makeovers? Love reading your posts about your experience!!!!! Thanks Laynee.
  14. Fantastic Mumoffive looking forward to hearing about it!!! Are you travelling by yourself or did you go through a medical surgery company
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