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  1. Well Friday I'll be 3 weeks post op. I know it's still early days. But overall I'm not happy with them. Cleavage is nice but the don't seem to be dropping yet. Swelling has gone down but my inplants are still high. They haven't filled out that bottom of my breast so I still have the saggy breast tissue there. I don't know I just feel deformed still and I'm hoping they drop and look somewhat normal. When I lay on my back they are a nice shape. I'll update the pics.
  2. I feel now the swelling is going down boob Greed is setting in and I now feel they aren't big. It's like they are better then nothing but they look like the average size boob. I dunno... Maybe with a push up bra it may be different lol
  3. My nipples are really sensertive...even the seat belt rubbing or my post op bra. It's so annoying. I wonder how long it will last for. My advice is shower with your back to it.. I didn't shower until 5 days post op. They told my to wipe myself down.
  4. Hey thinking of you I like your boobs.. It's hard when you want them a certain way though. I hate how they say you can only get a certain size then I see someone skinnier then me walk past with watermelons on her chest. Like I am glad with the size I got I guess or they would look silly being to big on me. But I did ask for bigger haha and he said no 380cc will be best.. I just don't get how these tiny woman get away with huge implants.
  5. Well I'm one week post op.. And it wasn't the first 2 days that where the worst.. It's more like 3 days plus.. Yesterday I almost passed out having a shower lol and my boobs still feel right at times, cold in the mornings.. I feel like I can't breath at times, if I breath in I can feel my implants pressing down.. If I move my arms I can feel the implants move :/ Or I get a stabbing feeling..!lole a semi heart attack. Feels like a rib may come out of place.. Tender to touch still.. I dunno I have so many messed up feelings to a point I think I could be dying or it freaks me out if I'm recoverin
  6. Yeah I have them taped I just changed it today 9 days post op..
  7. Just wondering if yous thought they where normal? One is pretty red. They feel lumpy but it's like of it's on the inside :/ partner sai there's no infection.. He did nursing for quiet awhile.
  8. Thanks ladies atleast I know it's a normal thing..
  9. I'm 168cm 52kg. I went 380 ultra high profile. Honestly I'd go 390 moderate.. The ultra high profile seem to have a bigger projection then the moderate and I still feel I'll be a d cup at the end. I was a very deflated a cup. It isn't a huge difference when you think about it either. 40 mills plus people say you loose some size under the muscle. Boob greed comes in 2 :/
  10. That's good glad it's ok. Sneezing, coughing and laughing has been hurting me a lot. I'm glad it's all dried up x
  11. Yeh I jut don't want to rip the stitches or cause damage :| never had tape like that before. It kinder hurts peeling the edge up
  12. I have a sore lump along the incision line. The other side is flat. I want to remove tape to check to make sure it isn't infected but I don't want to hurt myself. 8 days post op. My doctor said to change it once a week but it hasnt been a week yet.
  13. I feel like barbie.. I can't lift my arms above my head.. Hang things up.. Stretch them out straight. Is this normal one week post op. I thought it was but now I'm feeling quiet odd.
  14. Yeah like the nurses have been lovely.. There's just nothin else I can say or he can I guess. Like I've asked him and his answer is what his said. It's just a waiting game now. I never pictured perfect.. But just nice breast.. I can't call these that. I do know it's early.. It's just really getting to me. I don't want to end up with these horrible breast and then going in for a second op only to come out worse off again :/ . They could come out better I know. I just feel crap about the hole situation. I think because I had high confindence in him and I've loved his work on all his patients I'
  15. He wants to see how they drop and he said I may need a lift. He was in and out the room working a minute. He said he can see me again soon and to make a consult early. The nurse said to wait and see how they drop and have me a strap to wear. I'm still pretty unhappy with it all. I look in the mirror and I think they will drop a little and loose some of the swelling but not enough. I wish of he thought I needed a lift he just said it so it would be one surgery. I'm praying the drop and take shape nicely. I don't mind my cleavage in a top but once I take off my top and look at my boobs I hat
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