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  1. I am now approximately 8 weeks post op being 57 days I was advised to massage a little to help them drop down even though they are textured. Within the last week they have made so much progress and the lower pole is slowly filling. Love them! I had my op with Mark Lee on the 21st of Jan I am comfortably sleeping on stomach and wearing bras, scars are healing amazingly! x
  2. I have textured and I love them Mine are submuscular so I don't think it makes a huge difference but I wanted them to be a little firmer and I think they are not as likely to sag as they adhere to the tissue better than smooths. Also you don't have to massage them which is great! My surgeon chose textured for me anyway x
  3. Dr Mark Lee for sure! He did an amazing job, can add me for pics if you like
  4. Thanks Loz! He didn't say he lowered the crease? Or will they just do that? x
  5. Mine are totally under the muscle. Yeah I can see that two when pushed together! It is more if my posture is bad it is sort of like my old breast hangs a little over? I am pretty sure they said the tissue takes time to adapt and settle? x I didn't have any sag prior x
  6. Lol same Katherine!! He did say I didn't have much swelling but I def think I did!! He said the approximate size is usually the size you are immediately after surgery Does that second crease thing sound weird? They did say it is not a double bubble as I was concerned! U can't see it when I have my shoulders back or when I push the implant down from the top x
  7. Yay Teelee!! So glad it went well, I am so happy with my results! Don't worry about the rushed app lol mine was too and I only picked size and nothing else, he did it all for me which takes out a lot of guessing work! Can't wait to see ur results! x
  8. Hey Mummyof3 I had my BA done by Mark Lee approx 3 weeks ago and I love my results! I got 350cc textured round mentor implants and I do agree it was a little rushed I think as I was at very end of day and he did make the decisions on everything other than size really but he told me honestly what would look best on me He was fantastic on day of surgery and is an excellent surgeon. I have had exceptional after care and they are always happy for me to come in anytime, I saw Mark for a review last week and he was extremely thorough as was his nurse Alex. In regards to size well I am 167cm and
  9. Hey Girls I had my BA done approx 3 weeks ago and have been thrilled with the results! They look very different everyday! I was wondering and kind of hoping, do they still keep on changing significantly after the 3 week mark? I think I liked them more at week 2 than week 3 but they still look good! Basically wanted to know at week 3 do I still have a lot of so called "dropping and fluffing" to do? My old breast tissue still forms a little crease before the new crease which can look a bit odd if I push my shoulders forward but I have been assured this is normal and they take time to set
  10. I was told you can straight after as long as it isn't anywhere near your incisions or anywhere it may drip down to your incisions. In the first week I just avoided my incisions and had tape over them and a top. I am now 3 weeks post op and I am tanning but still not spraying or applying near incisions which are still taped anyway
  11. I had mine done by Mark Lee about 2 weeks ago, he doesn't use drains. I would prefer not to have drains anyway
  12. Hey Girls!! Added some more pics but computer keeps messing up so I can't see them properly and are all scattered over my album! Feel free to have a look they keep getting better am so happy! x
  13. I agree with 3LittleAngels and BodyPlus. Overnight stay is worth the money I had my surgery early as well at about 9am and I was given a lot of pain relief and basically just wanted to rest and you are well looked after. Another reason I stayed over night is that the next morning Mark comes to the ward and checks you so I definitely wanted to wait to see him!
  14. Hey Polish girl I stayed overnight at SJGH and that price was for private room but ended up not having any spaces so shared so it still didn't exceed 12k Awwww yay Olivegirl!!!! Thank you!!! I think it will be the best decision, I can't wait to see how u go!!!!
  15. lol now I am sad! Haha they look big and that is all that matters and my husband was like they are HUGE they better get smaller hahaha whatever! Thanks Mary!
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