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    Looking at having a breast augmentation this year 2013. Breastfed 3 babies for 1 year each and number 3 sucked the final remaining life out of them!
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    Mark Lee 18th March 2013
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    Height 158cm/Weight 52kg/Bra size 12A

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  1. Hi mummyof3, I'm fairly new on here, looking at getting my BA done in the next 3 months or so and I'm still researching different doctors, I was just wondering what you thought of Dr Mark Lee? I'm considering getting a consult with him as well. I've seen Dr Alistar Turner and Dr Peter Randle so far and I also have an appointment with Dr Lewis Blennerhassett next week. It's a little confusing so far though because both surgeons have both given me completely different opinions and everything I thought I wanted has changed the more and more I research I seem to get more confused so looking for a good surgeon to guide me in the right direction. Anyway so I just wanted to hear your experience with Dr Lee and would love to hear your progress. I'll send a FR :)