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  1. Sorry for pulling up an old issue thats probably been discussed a million times already... Just wondering did this photo issue get sorted for anyone? I still have no photos just blank spaces where they used to be and have people I wanted to share pics with!! Will I just have to start all over again?
  2. Absolutely normal. Mine didn't settle down for at least 6 weeks! They will get better soon
  3. Mummyof3

    Pinch Test

    Had to go unders as I only had less than 2cm. Got 350/375cc. It's just to see how much tissue/fat there is to cover the implant. I had none!! Just skin. There's no way I could've had overs.
  4. It sucks! Pressure and heaviness for a few weeks, feeling like you're wearing a steel corset. Be patient ladies! All the bad stuff subsides and you will love your new boobies!!
  5. I am 4 months post op and measuring a 10E, I started with an empty A cup and got 350/375 rounds dual plane placement. Honestly they look nowhere neat what I thought an E would be like. I am quite small though 158cm and 52kg I think measurements can make a difference to size also. Don't be scared of E cups you'll love them!!
  6. Hi Leeanz. I'm 4 months post op and still have major numbness. One side the whole boob is completely numb but I can feel the nipple and the other boob has some sensation but the nipple is totally numb. So between them I have one good boob lol. As for the muscle distortion, yes when I flex my pec muscles the boobs appear to move upwards and outward. Both of them at the same time.
  7. I had exactly the same thing.. Heaps between my boobs and chest area. They seem to have settled right down now though at 3.5 months!
  8. You'll love them! Don't stress, they'll be great. I am 52kg and 158cm and got 350/375 and stressed for weeks about being too big.. Now I think I could've gone bigger! I'm a DD and even measuring a 10E in BNT, but honestly they look and feel like just a nice D cup.. Or what I thought a D cup would feel like. Not too big at all, and so so easily hidden in clothing. Enjoy!
  9. I remember being so consumed by sizing too! It's all I ever used to think about. Your height and weight definitely plays a part in what size you end up, I am 158cm and 52kg, started with an 10A cup and have just been sized an 10E at BNT 2.5 months post op and i had 350/375 round HP's. they dont look porn star like either. I didn't want to go any bigger than C/D. But so glad I did, they don't feel or look anywhere near what I though an E would look like. Good luck
  10. 2 months post op and my lefty is completely numb. Not just the nipple, the whole boob righty has lost alot if sensation too but not quite as bad. Enjoy your nipples while you can feel them ladies :/ Hoping I have some feeling return over time.
  11. I stayed overnight and was glad I did only because I was sick most of the night and was good to see Mark and debrief with him in the morning before going home. Can you get someone else to pick you up hun? I had a girlfriend take me and pick me up so hubby just had to stay home with the kids .
  12. Amelia that's awful I'm so sorry to hear that xxx do you think it may have something to do with the dual plane placement? I only ask as mine are perfectly nice and squishy at the top and the thickness perfect between implant and skin, but underneath they feel soooo ripply underneath when I have a feel in there, not visible from the outside but hey I'm only almost 7 weeks. I can feel the ripple in both sides (side boob area) when I lean over, my skin is so thin I'm pretty sure that's why. I reckon completely under the muscle maybe you wouldn't have it??? Hope you gain some comfort from Dr Ces about this xx
  13. No way! Good luck, what an awesome surgeon you have
  14. The cramping tight feeling was the worst I totally sympathise with you. I'm 6 weeks now and it has passed at about 4 weeks. It will end believe me x
  15. Woohoo!! Well done TheFox! You certainly deserve it with all the advice and support you have given everyone xx
  16. Rounds for me too. It's what my surgeon suggested for my lack of upper fullness and sag and I trusted him and went with it. So glad I did, I too am a worrier and would be paranoid about anatomicals moving inside.
  17. You're not allergic to the tape are you? Otherwise it's probably just normal healing
  18. Congrats! Wishing you a smooth recovery.
  19. Sorry to hear about your rash, sounds super annoying! Hopefully the gp can find out what it is properly this time, hoping its very short lived for you x
  20. Mummyof3


    Good luck! It will all be over before you know it and you will be wondering what you were so nervous about. I worked myself up into an absolute mess before mine, but all was so easy and straightforward. Thinking of you !!
  21. Good luck for tomorrow! They brought me some sandwiches and soup after my BA. It was dinner time when I came out. However I just couldn't eat, I was too drowsy and only managed about 4 tiny bites and a couple of spoonfuls of soup. Just didn't feel hunger at all. Had a great breaky the next morning though maybe take some lollies/ snacks to nibble on just incase? I did find myself chewing on some extra chewies as my mouth was so dry and feeling yuck. I also sipped on ginger ale in the night to help with the nausea I had.
  22. So glad it's all over for you!! Congrats!
  23. I have textured mentors. I'm only 4 wks post op, but I went dual plane, and the underside is very soft and squishy, and the tops are quite firm at the moment. Very perky here too. It's early days though.
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