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  1. Im looking at getting lip fillers and maybe a touch of Botox. I'm in mackay. I haven't heard anything good or bad about any local clinics. Anyone have experience?
  2. Please let us know you're ok - I hope it's all been sorted now.
  3. Omg that's terrible news :-( so heartbreaking. I flew same day as my surgery but it was only from brisbane to mackay so like 1hr 40 mins I think. Just take it one day at a time. Your body will be in shock emotionally it may be best not to go ahead with surgery until you're on top of it all a bit better.
  4. On the inside bottom edge of your cleavage? Mine was getting better but has now sort of stagnated and I'm worried it's not going to get any better. I'm 4 weeks tomorrow
  5. I just got $8000 back with a revision from doctor harwood. He's not a plastic surgeon and he's not performing in a hospital but mine was a revision surgery due to cc and rupture not a surgery due to pstosis
  6. I have weird creases almost like double bubble but on the inside edge near my cleavage - I just can't see it going away. I wish I had a chance of a needle fixing mine lol keep us posted please
  7. Well that's great hopefully it will sort out for you :-)
  8. No I haven't - I'm interested in knowing how it all goes for you. Good luck with it all. Did he said this would solve the prob or it would be an ongoing issue? I had my revision with dr h also and I'm having issues (not due to anything that he's done I don't believe) and it's so frustrating as you just want them right!!!
  9. Anyone who had their crease lowered or raised how long did it take for your old crease to disappear/no longer be visible?
  10. You only get Medicare safety net if it's performed on an outpatient basis ie not at a hospital of any kind - ie like dr harwood performs the surgery in his own rooms not at a hospital
  11. I did school holidays - I have a preppy, one in Kindy and an 18month old. I don't give a crap about ppl knowing though lol n we own our own business so I had to actually watch the kids by myself from day 3 (I had surgery on Friday in brissie, flew home that arvo by myself as hubby was at home with kids and then Monday I had the kids while he went to work. It's easier not having to deal with morning tanties, making lunches, etc. my kids are pretty independent and can get their own snacks etc (coz they're pigs and mainly live on fruit so it's easy for them to get their own bananas apples etc).
  12. I am taking magnesium and I do find that it helps ease the spasms to some degree. So annoying!
  13. At what stage roughly did you stop getting morning boob? Also how long post op before your pec muscle stops spasming? Mine is do bad it's almost like labour contractions in my boobs!! I never had to deal with this first time as I was over the muscle. Spoke to dr harwood a week or so ago and he told me to do stretching and to continue taking mersyndol but only at night. So over it and don't want to continue with the mersyndol. I only take it on really bad arvo/nights. Earlier tonight i had one boob rock solid as it was that tense with spasms.
  14. I would say they're normal. I wish I had pics from my first augment.
  15. Lara if you're impressed with bio oil you should try silicone gel. I was cleared to start putting something on my incisions about day 8 or 9 and within 2 days I could see the redness was halved if not more. If I look in the mirror my scars look months older than what they are - the flash brings up every little bit of redness but face to face it's even better. It's not too late kiwi as I have started using it on a scar on my shin that happened about 8 months ago it was nasty and too the bone and in a week I have noticed the purple isn't as noticeable. I'm very fair so all my acts go bright purp
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