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  1. You will be ok! You still have 4 days right? I was still slightly congested and still had a small cough yesterday. I think by Saturday you will be good 😀
  2. Thanks @AS1 and @JD* recovery is going so well. The main thing that is bothering me is I feel like the band underneath on my post op bra is too tight and digging into me. The top feels really firm and comfy but I'm going to call the nurse today and ask how firm it should be at the bottom 😬 The hardest thing is just getting up from leaning too far back at night because it's all chest muscles to move forward. The pain is so bearable though because I have amazing boobs now 👯 I already feel like I got my perfect size. Unbelievably happy 😊
  3. Thank you! Everything went so well! So happy 😍
  4. I am not packing much, they just said warm comfortable clothes, cotton undies, a zip up or button up top. I'm taking my id, Medicare card, eye drops for after surgery. I think that's it! Most of the stuff I need will just be waiting at home for when I get back 😊 @JD* Are you getting super excited??
  5. Yes surgery is tomorrow. So excited and SO READY ❤️💃🏼
  6. I feel you @JD* I got SO sick with a flu and chesty cold about 3 weeks ago and only started feeling better last week. I so thought I was going to have to postpone surgery. I'm feeling so much better now, just drank heaps of water, ate really spicy food and had vit c.
  7. @Tori14 I chose a Brisbane surgeon too X
  8. @Bettyboo15I am getting this one from Spiran care @SunnyCoast they already look good! Congratulations, rest up X did you wear the compression legging during surgery?
  9. @SunnyCoast so exciting!! So happy it went well 😀 I am on the Sunshine Coast too X @JD* you are hilarious! The thing I hate most is gaping bra gaps from the seatbelt in the car 🙄 I cannot wait for unlined bras or just no bras ever again 🤔
  10. Anyone else ready to burn their old bras?? 😂 So excited for my surgery in 12 days... Already looking at tops I could never ever wear before 😊
  11. Good luck @SunnyCoast ! It's your day ❤️
  12. @JD* thank you! Oh that's so funny you have the same pic! They are SO good ❤️ Are you getting the high projection?
  13. Hi girls, I'm getting my surgery on 26th November with Dr Mathew Peters from valley plastic surgery. After 10 years of wanting them! I decided to wait until after having kids after desperately wanting them in my early 20's. It doesn't really seem real after waiting so long and I took so long to choose a surgeon. I think I went to 5 different consults 😳 I'm 173cm, 55kgs and aiming for mentor CPG 333, tall height, high profile, anatomical 380cc. Hoping to achieve the augmented natural look 😂 Super perky but nice sloping shape ✔️
  14. Hi, just sent u a FR :)

  15. Best thing I ever did. I am naturally lean and when I was on the pill my body just did not like it and bloated. Even with the best pill I tried. I also became more balanced in my emotions. I will never ever go on the pill again. With that said, I am married so maybe I would reconsider if I was single
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