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    Hervey Bay QLD
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    Lipo done 2013 by James Chen at Ashbury
    BA 13/4 by Andrew Broadhurst
    (Silimed Brazilian HP 410cc Anatomical implants with above the muscle placement.)
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    Szalay, 1st lipo 23/4/13 (no good), 2nd and succesful lipo surgery by Dr Chen 14/5/13
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    163cm, 52.8kg, sz8, now 12DD
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    mum of 4
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  1. Time has flown by! Crazy to thinknwe are 1 year post op! I am still happy with my size. They are perfect to me. Scars pretty much invisible too and much softer now too. How come your scars didn't heal well you think?
  2. Yay happy boobie birthday everyone!! Travelling well myself, the 13th is my bb. Have my 1year check up on Monday 11th. Still het zingers every now and again when I have used my arms a lot. (Have started hairdressing so after a lot of blowdrying etc I still feel it sometimes.) Hope everyone is doing well!!
  3. I don't know how it all works now with the changes online but I had surgery with him. Check out my pics if you like. I looooove my new tata's!!
  4. Oooh so glad it's not just me!!! I was 52kg when I went for my op and haven't managed to get below 54 since after! I am aware of the weight loss effects on the tata's though so I have made my peace with it :-) well..sort of lol!
  5. Surgeon has been in touch and all is totally normal yay haha thanks girls
  6. Can anyone explain to me what cc pain feels like? I am 16 weeks post op and am getting nerve pain again. Just want to know if cc pain feels like nerve pain or is it a constant pain?
  7. What does the pain feel like? Is it a constant pain or does it feel like on and off pain? Did you have your check up today??
  8. Hi girls!! I have been suffering sharp nerve pains again in both breasts. Anyone else? So long after surgery it sucks balls to still get such intense nerve pains! Mind you I have been doing a lot of physical work but I sort of thought it wouldn't be an ongoing thing? 16 weeks post op now btw
  9. It's been ages!! Was overseas but back again now. 12 weeks on Monday though it feels much longer. They feel completely normal and 100% like they have always been there. How is everyone else going??
  10. I think it will have a lot to do with placement. Have you got a consult lined up yet with anyone?
  11. Good luck hun let us know how you go x
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