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  1. Hi, looking at getting anatomicals too, would you mind if I send you a FR? :)

  2. I'm getting anatomicals, did you get Brazilian? Sent you a FR :) Harper

  3. Hi starbright :) fellow anatomicals! I've sent you a FR. I'd love to see your results being much further down the track than I . :)

  4. Message didn't post :-( sending a FR if you don't mind!

  5. Considering the same doctor! Would love to see your outcomes. Xo

  6. Hi just sent fr to check out your pics as I have upcoming surgery at piac. Thanks

  7. Hi there I hope you don't mind I've sent you a FR as I would like to see your teardrops. I'm also getting teardrops this month and just trying to decide in the size :-)

  8. I have sent you an FR. I am also looking at getting teardrops and I would love to see your results thanks

  9. Hi Starbright, hv just sent u FR, would like to see ur anatomicals if u don't mind? .. :)

  10. Yep - mine are medium height :-) I have 375/330cc. I would agree with Dee that it refers to the length!
  11. I started running again about at about 6 weeks post op. I had a very supportive bra on so it didn't feel too bad. I have noticed that running downhill felt more "bouncy" than I was used to hahaha! I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to your new parts, but if you're feeling pain I would hold off for a bit.
  12. Sounds like me before my period! I could eat all day lol :-). Good advice from Dee!
  13. No problems :-) FR accepted

  14. Hey I've sent a fr, I just wanted to get an idea of anatomical shape and how they might look since you mentioned in a thread it was recommended because of where your crease is.

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