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    Revision BA, 435cc, behind muscle, round - 21 June 2013
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    Mark Lee - 21.06.13
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  1. Hi lovely ladies, In tradition of most long standing members I'm saying goodbye xx I'm feeling like it's probably time to step away. i wish all the newbies and my long standing buddies all the very best with your journeys and hope you get the dream results nature didn't give you xxxx to all of you who helped me through my many bad patches with cc, miscarriages and for protecting me from that vile creature who attacked me earlier this year your kindness was so appreciated lord knows I needed it xxx i hope all your romances go well, that you get great jobs and generally enjoy life xx I wi
  2. I'd pay it too - more surgeons should do this xx
  3. Olive I got Targin too and endone lol I think Dr lee is generous I was off mostly everything by day three and just having the odd panadol. I love a prescription high as much as the next person but after a few days you just want to feel back to normal. Pain is different for everyone though fingers crossed we all go to decent hospitals who look after us as individuals xx I also have gone down the local pharmacy after a really bad surgery on my bum bum and the pharmists gave me great stuff to take the pain away and it was over the counter just not displayed mind you I could barely walk and was in
  4. Hehehe I agree girls in my exercise gear my boobs don't look that huge to me but I'll snap chat a shot to a friend and they freak out hehehe it's all about perception and yes the close up!
  5. Kiki how exciting xxx we can be preggers together xx i think this month we will try... Surely my ob won't let anything happen to me and would operate on well 37 if need be. I don't care missing out on Christmas but I don't want to risk my physical health you know.... She'll be right but I think:/
  6. Mega try a vneck dress not plunging but a nice vneck like review do are very flattering. High necks give me what I call cliff tits! My boobs look huge! Nannie is right a wrap is gorgeous. I found witchery, review, country road and stop staring do lovely dresses. Are you wanting long or short?
  7. Hahahah Molros god bless you I'm on the reds hehehee I think we might get the ovulation tests xx thanks babe can't believe how late I was this month . I don't know if we will try this month as the baby would be due Christmas Day - ironically the day I miscarried last year. I don't know it's all getting a bit stressful mYbe a month off would be good.
  8. Yep I was wondering the same can you see a tendon like raised veiny thing in that area? Or perhaps you've popped a stitch or just take it easy and slow down you've had major surgery maybe just pop some pain killers, take it easy and call your surgeons rooms tomorrow xxx
  9. Also sometimes we will remain numb permanently in some areas so don't be alarmed xx
  10. Thanks guys I must of been stressed from some family stuff , the wicked witch arrived this morning - 4 days late which is unheard of until now... Bloody miscarriage and stress it's really taken its toll. *sigh*
  11. Thanks alioop it's good to know other women who have fallen pregnant don't get bfp straight away xxx hugs thinking of our babies upstairs xxxx
  12. Thanks ladies ok I'll try another test on Monday morning if AF doesn't come tomorrow though I know me and I'll test again tomorrow no doubt hehee. chowder I've been off contraception for about a year now and we started trying in no last year and fell pregnant straight away but miscarried early into the pregnancy, this is our first month trying again. kiki and tayo thanks for letting me know it took your results awhile to show too I thought this was abnormal - phew! Waiting sucks!
  13. Oh yeah it's all part of recovery but it will pass just remember that your recovery does affect your outcome so listen to your body, take your meds and take it easy xxx all kinds of weird stuff happens I think when it's really bad you do know xxx
  14. Yes totally normal it's just your nerves starting to recover and your muscles stretching xxx rest up and take it easy xx
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