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  1. Well hey I think yours are incredible too, must be that fancy surgeon we have xx

  2. Great results babe xx I hope you're resting up and taking it easy xxx

  3. Hi babe I tried to pm you but your inbox is full. Was just writing to see how you're feeling and if the burning a disipating? Xx thinking of you xx

  4. Haha that's cool I just saw your pics a few days ago and did a double take! Xxx

  5. Good luck tomorrow babe xxxx

  6. Chem I know you're really tall but out boobs are freaky similar! :) twin tits hehehe

  7. Sure do but best to go in xx they even do 6 ff :)

  8. Hi love I get my 8ffs from silk elegance in west leederville xx

  9. Sending you big hugs babe I'm so sorry about your bro xxx

  10. Good luck today Amie xx feels like this has been a long journey for you xx all the best sweet heart xx

  11. All the best for tomorrow honey :) xxx

  12. Hi Amie, just wanted to wish you all the very best for your surgery this week xxxx

  13. Hi Tash I really like dr lee because he does big juicy boobs which I like, they are a nice balance of fake/natural looking which I like. When's your surgery? What other ps,s in Perth have you met?

  14. Hi Hun, FYI Flip and I had ours with Dr Lee in Perth xxx

  15. I love your avatar hehehe

  16. Hi Mayhem, thought I'd just reply here! The waiting is killing me, I did a test a week ago - only 7 days after I o'd and got a neg not surprisingly so I'm holding off until sat morning to test again - fingers crossed! How soon do you need to see a ob here? I hear they book out really quickly!

  17. geez i wrote a novel soz xx

  18. So all of these factors combined i went surgeon shopping and found Dr Lee who agreed that if I wait until i've finished breast feeding 2 or 3 kids it would be another 5 years before I replace my cc boobs and it would be 5 years of pain - no thank you! He also does amazing round implants and is a world leading in breast surgery so I knew I was in good hands. My first implants were textured and my current ones are brazillians - both you aren't meant to massage so I dont. My first set I developed 2 seromas - I think the second seroma set off the cc as after the last seroma my cc got really bad over the course of a year. I think weight gain and loss also contributed to it - I gained and lost 15kgs. I don't know what caused the seromas though. My old implants were nearly 10 years old though and were probably due to be replaced anyway. Hope that helps x

  19. Hi Mayhem, I was a 10b to start with and am told i have good breast tissue. I decided to switch surgeon because my original surgeon who is amazing only wanted to fix my capsular contracture after I have kids. While i understood this logic I also know having kids isn't a instant thing - I could be trying for months if not years. The other factors were that 9 years ago I loved the natural look and I chose my orginal surgeon on that - For natural fake boobs I couldn't of gotten a better surgeon my 295s pre cc were amazing! But now I prefer a bigger, rounder and ultimately faker look and my orginal surgeon does not do that look.

  20. Hi NKT how are you going? sorry to hear youre not happy with your size. How much bigger do you wish you went? They look beautiful to me. Whats going on in the personal life? hugs I hope you're ok xxxx

  21. Hi Hun, moving houses is a ***** spesh with no net for 2 weeks! So how does he do it? Do you go to hospital again or can he do it in his rooms?

  22. Hi Don, I saw your getting your implant manually released, what does that mean? and why are you getting it done?

  23. Hi Jane I saw your questions one the forum, there's a Perth girls group on here. What kind of implants do you want? What kind of look? Dr cooper and dr Connell are amazing for natural looking boons or dr lee is brilliant for a fuller look. A straight forward ba requires about 2 weeks off work to recover but 6 weeks until you can exercise and lift heavy things again xx good luck xx

  24. Your inbox is full lovely xx

  25. Hi flip, thanks lovely I'm all good jut taking it easy - the discomfort seems to be getting worse but I'm hoping that's just my body healing. How are you? How are the girls :)?

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