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  1. I agree with what you are saying but what is upsetting this that I went back and forth with tony a number of times before I committed to surgery and he explained in detail that he would lower my pockets as they were to high then he would choose s shorter Implant by 1cm but due to him lowering the pocket he would use a more projecting implant 6cm. I was happy with that and agreed. I explained that I didn't like my current implants as they were very full up top (silimed round base anatomical moderate profile) Well come surgery day had decided he didn't want to lower the pocket and the implant was shorter by 1cm than the ones I had. I m disappointed as he said one thing and did another n the day. My implants are not shorter by 1cm. I had 11.9 and now I have 11.6 - hardly s difference. But now they stick out with so much projection over my other ones. I feel like had didnt do what he said he would do. They are way too full for my frame and I hate them. I tried talking to him about if in last visit but he fobbed me off assuring me they are definitely lower which I can't understand. I have more fullness at too then below my boob, my other boobs were 100% better before. My life has changed dramatically. I can't go smaller now as I do I will have excess skin. Tony had s great rep which is why I went to him but he definitely didn't do the right thing by me. Maybe I overanalyse them but when I surgeon discusses what he will do he shouldn't change his mind on surgery day. Oh and he also released too much muscle on one side so he had to go back in and restitch muscle over implant. I know there are complications with revisions which is why I chose him. I am one of the unlucky ones
  2. Can I ask why you are having revision again, is DR C youfvsurgeon as well
  3. Yes I am seeing a psychologist which isn't really helping as its hard to forget or accept this when you see it every day you get dressed. I would like to make people aware that when going for revision have a really good think about it and if it is really worth it. I wish I had someone tell me that things can go bad and mentality it can stuff you up. My dr sugar coated it and said it was fine and that he would fix it, u was worried about infection, seroma, never did i think that he would ruin my shape. I will never get back the shape I had which I'm having a hard time dealing with. Girls please don't consider revision unless you medically need to.
  4. Hi girls I've been off for a while and only hit on again. I just wish I had good progress to report but I'm still depressed and have so much regret. I know tony has a good rep but j feel that he said one thing and did another on the day. I'm having a hard time accepting that. Revision is big an option anymore due to the amount of surgies I have had. 2 by him due to his error. I am scared and feel that j will lose my battle with this deoression. I fully regret my surgery with tony and should have stuck with my original surgeon Tim thanks for listening
  5. Thank you girls for all your replies, I am going to take some time out. I really appreciate the advice I have been given. I just need to get my head in a good space as right now I am struggling with demons in my head that are trying to find ways to change my situation. I will be deleting my account later today xx
  6. Thank you Lauren, you are correct. I am definately over obsessing over them. I think because I've had multiple surgeries it has really warped my mind and I am seeing things that most normal people don't. I tell myself 'they are okay' but my mind overrides it telling me no it's not right. I just want to stop and get on with life as I have a beautiful family and successful business but this had deliberated me. I'm hoping that the physc tomorrow can help me. I had body issues before implants and I thought implants would make me confident. The first pair did but I had to go and touch them again so now I'm very self conscious of them. I have to stop thinking about them but it's hard as I feel I'm getting worse. The aniexty is the killer! Keeps me awake all night and I shake all day If the physc doesn't prove to help maybe I'll resort to hemp oil capsules to calm me the hell down!! Lol thanks girls all your replies make me realise that it's my crazy mind that is distorting me. Thank you for your reply, I agree that I have to work on self acceptance and confidence. I over analyse things, I need to try and learn to not over analyse things. I'm working on that, I need to stop thinking that more surgery will fix things.
  7. Thank you girls for your input, I believe I have an unrealistic expectation of what the look I am after. I was unhappy with my first pair due to nerve pain and yes the nerve pain is now gone however I am comparing my result to my previous ones and I think that's where my aniexty has come from. The aniexty and depresdion has become so bad that I can't sleep at night and constantly think about them all day. My hubby has told me that I'm seriously crazy and over analysing them and that is very true, I just don't know how to stop and be happy with them. I should be happy that I don't have nerve pain right? Well my mind is wishing that I could have my old boobs back with the nerve pain. This plays over and over in my mind and has taken a hold of me. I have seen physiologists and counsellors but I still can't escape my mind. I'll see a physc tomorrow and hopefully it will help me. I just can't believe that my mind would do this all over a pair of boobs. My life was perfect and now I can't get through the day without feeling like I'm having a nervous breakdown, all because of implants , just saying it makes it sound silly. I just hope that I can get over this and start enjoying my life, thank you girls for your input.
  8. Thanks for your reply Bella, maybe I am overanalysing them, it's just upsetting that after all this I'm still not happy. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. I will have to leave them for now as hubby won't let me have any more surgery. Maybe in 5-6 years I'll fly to Sydney and have Dr M revise then. the indentation on my boob I think is either scar tissue from repeated surgeries or where the original fold was, my dr said its because I'm thin (dumb answer, I don't believe a relied he says now). i will try to be kind to myself and accept them the way they are(there is nothing else I can do) thanks for listening
  9. I have been really depressed and struggling mentally after having my revision with 'supposedly top Perth surgeon'. This is what I have been left with. He was supposed to lower my pockets and put in shorter implant (1cm shorter) and he was going to use a more projecting implant as one nipple had a bit of sag. Anyway come surgery day he decided he wouldn't lower my pockets as they were fine as implant would be shorter. After surgery I was shocked cos they looked terrible but he assured me they would drop. Well I've researched the implant he used 370mx gummy bear and the height is 11.6cm and my original ones were 11.9cm (not 1cm). he had to go back and revise left implant after 7 weeks as he over dissected my muscle and it window shaded so he had to restitch back down, this has left me with a crease which looks like double bubble plus it has a different shape to other breast, it sits higher too. basically he has taken out my original implants to put in more projecting implants which I hate. Implants are not lower - if anything they look higher because of the projection. They stick out too far (perky) and sit up in my armpits making if hard to wear clothes and bras that fit right. i look high waisted and not to mention one side sits up and makes them uneven even in clothes. I absolutely hate them and cry every day. I want my old boobs back. The only reason I had revision because I had nerve pain that was pushing on the implant so he suggested lowering implants. I am on anti depressants due to all this. It has really effected me mentally. I just wish i could turn back time. I have had 3 surgeries on my left and 2 on my right in 18 months and I just want to get them fixed but I'm so scared of more complications. It's been 6 months since my last op and I just hate myself. I should of gone back to my original surgeon but I listened to my GP as he said only go to the surgeon for revision as he is the best and fixes up botched surgery from other surgeons, never in my wildest dreams did i think this would happen to as I had complete confidence in him. He was such a lovely man until things went wrong and I've expressed my dissatisfaction. When I mentioned that they are not lower he dismissed me saying 'I can assure you they are' when i mentioned the crease he assured me it will go away and it's because I'm thin. I don't believe a word he says. Im devastated as all I wanted was natural looking boobs to suit my frame which is why I was told to use tear drop ones, I just keep saying to hubby how did this happen. I originally said to my original surgeon I wanted moderate plus implants and he talked me into the anatomical ones which in my opinion do not look natural at all on me, why did this happen to me my hubby is sick of me whinging and crying about my boobs but I can't help it I'm so upset. He said to forget about them and move on but it's so hard as I have to wear them every day. He says I'm over obsessing over them and that I'm seeing things that aren't there but photos and my eyes don't lie. I can't move past it as my boobs were 95% perfect and now I have this sorry fur the rant but I've had to get thus off my chest. Would anyone of you be happy with result after spending $20k
  10. This is what I have been left with - so depressing . Not what I expected from the 'best'
  11. So sorry to hear this has happened to you. I went to him for my revision and boy do I regret it. I went to him as I heard so many good things about him but since then I've also heard that he has a high revision rate. When I was in hospital a lady in the sane room was having revision with him as he used 2 different size implants the first time round and they were uneven - that rang alarm bells did me then and there. I'm not saying he isn't a good surgeon as he is but he does make errors as I am the proof. I'll try and upload the mess he left me with.
  12. The pain I have is due to him stitching the muscle back down. He was so nice to be and said all the right things before the surgery and then once the complication he has turned. He said the double bubble line is because I'm thin.....yeah right. I just wish I never listened to my stupid GP Oh sorry I'll try to delete them don't know how that happened Thank you, yes I am seeing a counsellor to try and deal with this. I have made an appt to see my original surgeon but if wont be til June as he is very busy.
  13. I i haven't been on in a while as I've been very depressed and just trying to accept what has happened to me. I feel that I have been jinxed. After waiting years to finally be able to have implants by journey has nothing but pain and disappointment. I originally had my ba in 2014, the result was good however I had nerve pain in my right present and in my arm. I was on pain medication to manage this. Surgeon was good about it and said it was best to wait a year as it may subside. He was happy to do a revision with a shorter implant to see if it helped. I wasn't sure what to do so I went to my GP and he said that if I was going to have revision he would recommend one surgeon as he was the best in Perth. After much thought and going back and forth I decided to listen to my GP even thou it would cost me about $8k. My husband wanted me to stay with the original surgeon (I wish I did now) anyway I had the revision last year and boy what a mistake, he had to redo the left one again after 7 weeks as the muscle was not drained over implant properly causing pain and bulge (his error he admitted). The muscle 'window shaded' anyway now my boobs are two different shapes, left one has a slight deformity from the 'window shading' looks like a double bubble. I have pain in left and the wurst part is my shape is terrible. He used a shorter implant but more projection (6cm)!!! They look ridiculous, why he used such a high projecting implant for my frame is beyond me. I never questioned him during the consults as he is supposed to be the best. I have gone back to him many times to express my concerns over the pain and the unevenness and his exact words were ' if your not happy I can take them out and put them in the bin' i have been so depressed and now taking anti depressants just to be abje to sleep at night. The last 6 months have felt like a bad dream that I wish I can wake up from. My biggest regret was not staying with my original surgeon. I know it's only a boob job but I have to wear them every day and I just cry for the boobs I used to have. My clothes and bras ni longer fit like before. I have lost my confidence and feel so unhappy every day which has effected my family life especially my marriage. Thus is by far the worst thing I have ever done. the dilemma I have is do I just learn to accept this is me now and move on or do I try and get my original surgeon to try and fix up this mess. But in doing so am I putting myself at risk of more complications - it's so hard. It's sounds so stupid that I'm upset over this as people are sick with cancer and here I am carrying on about my boobs but I can't move on, it's really changed my life arm.
  14. Biggest regret of my life. I had nerve pain with my primary surgery. Had revision s year later with another surgeon (supposed to be the best in Perth) and he completely botched them. Had to have left one revised again after 7 weeks due to muscle not draped over implant (the muscle was over dissected and then window shaded up, his error) Now I'm left with uneven boobs which a slight breadt deformity) and I'm in pain 5 months later. The whole experience has left me depressed and very sad. I am now on anti depressants just to get through the days my whole family have suffered from this surgery not to mention me burning $20k
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