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  1. Hello Sexymuma69 I am 4 days post op dr Piyapas. He is amazing.He corrected a capsular contracture that I got from my first BA done in Perth. He is professional and lovely. Not only that, his work is great. Ill have pics up soon you can FR and see I honestly can not praise him enough.
  2. Ok this may seem like an old wives tale, but its totally not. Just put it up to being around generations of ethnics. Take half a glass of warm milk and about two tea spoons of turmeric. Mix it and drink it. REPEAT 3 times a day. Its a natural anti biotic and it is particularly cleansing throughout the chest area. The first week in winter I got into Chicago I developed a bad chest and head cold and my aunt gave me this remedy and within literally 48hours I was better. Its amazing. Doesn't taste the best but you won't regret it. Good luck hun xox Hope you're in tip top shape for surgery
  3. Hey Kristen, So glad you've been doing so well!! I think a bit of your "wellness" and everyones well wishes somehow magically sprinkled over me. I got out of bed, there was a pharmacy across the road went and got some anti nausea which were an absolute god send. Then I phoned the hospital and spoke to a nurse. She said if they are short little bursts of shooting pain its normal particularly the first few days. And they went away! I haven't had any more pain all day. And I've in fact been shopping for new lingerie in Jungceylon all day. They have a really great lingerie store that sells
  4. Flattummytime you are so lovely I felt your gentle cuddle even though you're not here (maybe I'm hallucinating too now!) I havent dared get out of bed just yet.. so Ill see how the pain goes. Im due in to see the doctors tomorrow morning so I may as well just wait until then. Theres a pharmacy across the road I may go and get something for anti nausea and just put up with the pain until tomorrow. Good news, my elephant lip has settled and I know just look like I've had a bad lip filler job in one lip. Yay! Thanks for all of your responses ladies, I feel much less lonely with all of
  5. oH MY GOD MY right side is in so much pain. I don't know if its normal? i HAVE been fine pain wise until just now. I tried to get up to go the bathroom and I had a huge stinging sensation through my right breast, even now that I'm typing I feel like I'm being sliced with a hot knife from the inside. Is THIS Normal? Im nearly in tears it hurts soooooooo bad. The ps told me I would have more pain on the right because of all the scar tissue he had to cut out. He did warn me I would have a lot of pain. Please help anyone Im so freaking out right now.
  6. I did not expect horrid horrid nausea all the time. I did not expect to feel dizzy and nauseas. That has been the worst part for me so far.
  7. just sent you an FR Amelia-Dione My lip has gone down still a little swollen but I really don't feel like taking any more pills. Im feeling really depressed at the moment. So nauseas I just want to vomit a llllllll the time. Has anyone else had this? I don't know how to get rid of the nausea.. I don't want to vomit up all of my meds. this nausea is the worst part.
  8. Hey Kristen, my partner gets here on Friday night! and my next appointment is on Friday morning. I managed to have a very strange shower holding my drains in a little bag and using the shower head to keep it away from them! My next appointment seems very far away so maybe I will call them and double check. Hows your pain hun? You're sounding pretty good which is lovely! I just can't wait to get the drains off (did yours hurt?) and to get my hair washed a blow dried!
  9. yes i look like i have an african lip. It has happened to me before and I do usually get antihistemines..do you think its safe to get some from the local pharmacy? Thanks Kristen xox how are you feeling? Im not in much pain at all..just annoyed by my drains and trying to peek under my bandage! lol
  10. Kristen, did you get your drains taken out then and there after surgery?? I wonder why I have to keep mine in for 3days! did you have much blood/fluid in them when he took them out? Also have you been feeling a bit queasy and light headed??
  11. Mrs B what size were you thinking of going? Even those of us who have gone pretty big still don't look like porn stars, most end up looking fairly natural and can be hidden when need be. Porn star boobs aren't just about the size, they are often over the muscle high and ridiculous in proportion to the body. After my first BA I ended with c/d cup...no one even knew! this time I'm going to an ecup and Im still sure ill be able to conceal them when I want to. My advice is go and try on bras in different sizes underneath shirts and you will see that its not as big as you think. As fo
  12. Thanks flattummy I still have quite a bit of fluid and scar tissue coming out of mine...I am supposed to have them out on friday...theyve been in nice monday night. They're a mild annoyance. But now my top has swollen and I look like victim of domestic violence. My top lip is sticking out so far!!
  13. Ladies, how many days if any, did you have to keep your drains in?? Im just wondering if I have to keep mine in for longer than normaL?? Any info would be just great.
  14. Hi Hkell, I just had mine done with Dr Piyapas and I took with me a prepaid money card. Its like a credit card and you top it up before you leave, or on the internet. I have the commonwealth bank travel money card it looks and works the same as a master card.
  15. Good luck Kirsten! If your Iv is hurting too much, it shouldn't be and they may have not placed it correctly. Thats what happened to me and they changed it into another vein and then no more pain. Yay! good luck hun, sending good wishes for you xo
  16. Helllo lovely ladies, I just got back from the hospital and had my surgery yesterday. It has been and still is rather daunting having gone through this on my own. But I think ill be ok. The Bangkok hospital Phuket is wonderful and the staff are lovely. Everything happened fairly quickly, filled out my forms, blood pressure, blood tests pictures and then I saw Dr Piyaypas He was lovely, not overly talkative but he had very warm hands and was very gentle. He explained to me that he I had capsular contracture on my right breast and he would need to correct that. Then I told him what I
  17. Hey Becbec34 Lovely to hear you are so happy! especially because Im going in for mine with dr p tomorrow morning! I would love to see your pics so Ill FR if thats ok. All the best with the wonderful new boobies! xx
  18. hope you're recovering well giross xox updates please Love the idea of sending healing vibes. Sending some your way!
  19. Hello xx!! I am so excited and nervous. I am currently sitting in Singapore airport (which is an awesome airport btw! make sure you take 20mins to go to the fish foot spa) I really hope everything runs smoothly. I shall keep you all posted on how everything goes!!! So excited for new BIGGER boobies and excited to be in Thailand. Has anyone joined the Truly Medical getaway group? It would be nice to join a little group of ladies so I'm not completely on my own. Hope everyone is recovering well xox
  20. THIS IS SO INFURIATING!!!!!!!!!! Not a single woman on here has ever come across as being this awful porn star stereotype this moron has written about. I am a well educated(neuroscience honor student actually!) intelligent self confident person who was tired of looking like a small asian boy because my body cannot hold onto fat unless I only eat cheeseburgers everyday of my life. Its so difficult for girls who are naturally super skinny to gain weight and on top of always being told to just "eat a burger" or being asked questions like"do you ever eat?" in front of everyone I had to put up wi
  21. Thanks for writing the essay!More essays please!! Well done Melon Cant wait to hear more about your recovery. Just think of all of the pretty bikinis you can fill out now
  22. Thanks for saying my boobs looked nice! xox They were 350cc under the muscle tear shape smooth silicone and I had it done in 2010. When I decided I wanted them I wanted a size that wouldnt make me look bulky so I went a little smaller..But now I regret it! Any questions TheFox, feel free to ask x
  23. yay Cosmo! Well done. Your pain will get better in no time! Im so happy for you xox
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