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    BA, BL, TT. Going for 570cc teardrop polyurethane overs.
    Deflated everywhere after 40 kg weight gain in twin pregnancy, singleton and weight loss.
    Can't wait for my mummy makeover!!!
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    Booked in with Hamish Farrow. Aug 5th 2014 BA, BL, TT
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    178cms, 62 kg, deflated 12B/C
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    Stay at home mum
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    Staying fit and healthy. Feeling good

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  1. Yeah I think I'm leaning towards IR .... the vibe from the other one is they are more about the money just going by things I've read. Well good luck with ur surgery in OZ 👌🏼👌🏼😘
  2. Hi 😊 I have only heard of him through the same company so I'm not much help but I just thought I'd say hi because I'm about to book rhino in Sep with this company ...was tossing up between cosmeditour and IR and thought about booking with this surgeon because he was slightly cheaper and was assured he's a good surgeon but I ended up going with dr montein because of his huge amount of experience for rhino. This gives me a bit more piece of mind. I'm sure he's a good surgeon (plastic and reconstructive and trained under dr montein apparently)....but I think he's reasonably new so maybe there might not be as much info anywhere although I hope someone who knows more can share some info with u. When is ur trip planned?
  3. Hi all its been a long time since I've been on here... I'm wondering if anyone has had a BBL in Thailand? I am having trouble finding info about it and I know there are several places that do it but I've only seen one set of before and after photos and I wasn't impressed lol... Does anyone have any doctors to recommend? Anyone that specialises in fat grafting, lipo, or body contouring? Alternatively can anyone recommend a surgeon in Melbourne at a good price? Any info would be appreciated, Thanks in advance
  4. I also want to add that nappy changes can be difficult especially when your child won't co operate... I could only comfortably do nappy changes on the floor from week 3, anything before that and I prob would have hurt myself as I have come close even after 3 weeks... If your child is not good with nappy changes then I'm not sure how you could do it without help... Hiring a nanny or some sort of similar help is an idea but quickly gets expensive, I hired someone at my mums for a few days when she was working and was only being charged $15 an hour as she is a family friend $90-$100+ a day quickly adds up... Good luck with it all
  5. Domino, you will definately need help that's for sure... Usually I don't have much help with the kids to the point I feel like I'm a single mother at times but I was lucky enough to have some support from my family during this time otherwise it would not have been possible... For the first 4 days I was in hospital and my 2 yr old stayed with my mum and my 4 yr old twins with my husband (who often had to ship them off to the MIL so he could work). When I came out I stayed at my mums for 10 days with my 2 yr old so I didn't have to lift him at all or bath him etc... By day 10 PO I was feeling pretty good but still not allowed to drive or do much, I was off pain meds and just trying to take it easy... 2 weeks PO I went back home to all 3 kids but I was also lucky enough to have my dad come stay and drive the kids to kinder etc, and help me with the kids and some basic housework... I was expecting him to stay for 2 weeks but he mixed the dates up and could only stay for 1... I have managed ok on my own with all 3 kids from 3 weeks PO. Having said that I have only been ok because I could get my 2 yr old to climb in and out of his cot by having a chair next to it and same with the high chair... He can also get in and out if the bath by himself... My house looks like a bomb hit it but I have learnt just to let things go because it's easy to overdo it. I also have had to bribe my 2 yr old on many occasions with chocolate or strawberries (haha) to get him to do what I want lol.... One time I took them for a walk and my youngest cracked it and wouldn't move, I couldn't get him home, the only way I got him back home was because a dog and it's owner came past and I managed to get him to follow the dog home lol... If you've got a 1 yr old, I don't know how you could possibly do any of this unless you have someone stay with you or look after him/her until at least week 3-4 PO... Maybe you could have a family member help? Or have him go to child care? But then you need someone to pick him/her up... And that might be a bit much for your child??? Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  6. Thanks for your reply, Well I hope everything's ok I've been crying hysterically too today lol cos I've had some awful news so even more reason y i feel like I'm screwing it all up ... I'll be positive and just hope everything's ok lol
  7. Hi all! I am 3 weeks 4 days post op from full tummy tuck, breast lift and breast aug. I am worried about possibility of overdoing it. I have 3 kids 4 and under and am finding it difficult to remember to be more careful. Usually I use a chair to get my 2 year old in and out of his cot and highchair but today without thinking I lifted him straight out of it.... It did not hurt me at all but now I'm worried that I'm undoing what has been done there have been other times when I have tensed muscles unintentionally and it has hurt. I have also been driving since week 3 out of necessity and had to get stroller in and out of car. If I was doing damage would it have hurt me and Would there be other signs?.... A little paranoid maybe but obviously after spending so much I do not want to undo any of the work. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thankyou
  8. Oh my god! I think your friend is jealous... In the past few weeks, I have found out who my 'true' friends are Despite me planning my surgery for 2 years I have had different reactions from different ppl but one in particular completely tore into me regarding my choices and everything about me really... I know I am a good person and I treat others the way I want to be treated so I have come to the conclusion that it must be jealousy as there is no other reason for this kind of behaviour from others... I bet you look gorgeous and you feel good about yourself so don't let anyone take that from you, or make you feel anything other than beautiful!
  9. Thanks everyone, Yes my breasts were never close together lol but I thought it might improve :)lol From the sounds of things, they may... A little... Thanks all
  10. I have just had BA, BL and TT on tues.. I am super happy with everything and I got one 450cc and one 500cc poly teardrops due to different size breasts to begin with... My question is Does anyone know if the gap between my breasts will get smaller as they settle? As there is about a 3cm gap and am hoping this will decrease as they settle... I forgot to ask the surgeon this morning, anyone know? Thanks
  11. Hi there... I am having BA BL with TT on Tuesday and I considered doing the Thailand thing but I decided to get health insurance and do it here because I have 3 small children and didn't really want to travel back in a hurry and be so far from home, children etc.... If I were to go overseas though I would go to Iran not Thailand. I have been told by a Persian friend that it is SUPER cheap to go there and do it, much cheaper than Thailand...And the surgeons there are apparently exceptional as cosmetic surgery is extremely common over there (so I've been told)... But all in all, going overseas would be tough in my opinion with recovery and flying... Each to their own though... One thing to consider is that some private health funds are no longer covering the item numbers that they once were and apparently others are going to start following suit... So if you do get the private cover they might cover the procedure when you sign up but in a years time that could change... Which would be awful if you were getting the insurance primarily for the surgery... Anyway good luck
  12. Hi just a girl i am getting BA BL TT in aug and would love to see your photos, I am sending you fr, thanks for all this info it's great!
  13. Hi, I am booked in for TT and BA/BL in August next year and I also have a question regarding this topic. My surgeon quoted me costs for both insured and uninsured. The insured costs come to $12,500 out of pocket compared to 22,000 if I were uninsured. Does this mean, come surgery time I still have to pay the full amount ($22,000) and then I get reimbursed the rest or do I only ever have to come up with just $12,500? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I have a hard time getting my head around all this rebate and insurance stuff lol. thanks in advance , hope someone can help
  14. Hey Ange, kle008, Hamish is amazing, he is def 'the one' lol. Unlike my first consult which was no more than 20 mins, this one I spent about 1.5 hours in there. He was soooo informative, helpful, told me my options and I am now going for a lift and implants and possibly small reduction on one side to even them out. Sizing wise I am going for around 520cc (due to my broad frame and emptiness to fill.) I will definitely be booking in with him I'm sooo excited but unfortunately have to wait until next year. :( He suggested I get health insurance as some of my surgery will be covered with this and it works out quite a bit cheaper. I think because I need a lift (from breastfeeding) and maybe because I am a little assymetrical? Not quite sure the reasons but definitely worth getting health insurance for my situation.

  15. Hey how was your consult with Hamish Farrow Thanks Ange

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