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    Doing all my research hopefully booking and doing surgery this year. Veneers,BA and Liposuction.

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    About two years ago i started getting my teeth healthy and i ended up getting braces instead of Veneers. My whole aim was to get veneers but the dentist persuaded me to get braces and im not happy with the result i will be going back this month to see if i can get them adjusted or put back on as they are crowding and going crooked again. Then i think if im going to get Veneers why bother but im really disappointed i paid $6k for braces and that could have been spent on veneers. When i started to research Breast Implants i noticed you can get your teeth done in Thailand also? Has anyone been happy with their overseas resultS???
  2. Hi Everyone, I have only recently started doing my research as im interesting in breast implants,liposuction and also veneers. im 22 and and mum of a 3 year old due to my son being prem i cant say my excuse for wanting to be transformed is due to pregnancy and my body changing because it didnt, i didnt even breast feed however i definately wanted too. My boobs have always annoyed me as they arent very big and are not a nice shape i would like to go alot bigger currently a 12D but not a full D. I have not yet decided a shape or size. Before this happens i would like to lose more weight than i already have as im only 5'5 id like to weigh around 60-65kg im honestly not looking to be a skinny minny thats just not be id just like to be in proportion to my height and figure. Im currently around 79kg , i would like to get liposuction to remove any fat that i cant budge around my belly , but and thighs. Who has had this done and loved their results? At the same time as my body surgeries id also like to have veneers fitted i actually already started this process in Australia however i decided to look at overseas options. if anyone can give me some great advice or experience stories regarding thse surgeries please send me a post
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