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    Dr. Veerawat PIAC June 2013
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    167cm 70kg 12a / 14aa
  1. Hey ladies After discovering that Brazilians aren't approved for use in Thailand I'm reconsidering having my BA at PIAC in Phuket. Went for a consult with Dr H this week and he was fantastic. I'm keen to hear from Dr H girls who are 6-12mths+ post op... how have your experiences been? Also, I can't seem to clarify (should have asked at the consult, but it felt a bit rude).. is Dr H a cosmetic or plastic surgeon? And how much of a difference in skill / training is there between the two? Thanks!
  2. Amie11 - WOOT! Good to know someone else will be Dr V-ing it in June! I have a consult with Dr Harwood this week though, looking forward to a face to face discussion. When you say '5 main surgeons' in Thailand, to whom do you refer? And how did you decide on Dr Veerawat? Also, re: Furry Brazilians, here's the response I got from PIAC today about them: "Dr. Veerawat recommends a teardrop silicone textured gel implants either Silimed or Mentor brands. The brand will depends on the size you have agreed during the face to face consultation. And you will not be receiving a Furry Brazilian Implants because we do not offer this anymore." So, there you have it! I'm a bit wary of teardrops if they aren't the brazilians, I may go searching on the forums for any 'rotating' issues girls have had with them. Watched a BA op on youtube today too O_o!!
  3. Had a quick look but can't seem to find a June 2013 girls thread (besides the one wanting to book a group tour). Holler! I'm booked for June 15 Dr Veerawat at PIAC but after being advised of difficult breast contour (http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?12385-Anyone-w-difficult-breast-contour-or-teardrops-advised-of-high-risk-double-bubble) and reading about PIAC phasing out Furry Brazilians due to them not being legally supplied in Thailand, I must say I'm freaking out and have a million questions. I was quoted 160,000 baht from Dr V, which is $5200. If I were to stay in Australia I am keen on Dr Harwood who would charge around $9500, though I'm waiting for consult on Friday to know more. Scared, like everyone else I suppose, about lack of aftercare from Thailand procedure, but not too sure I want to go to a day surgery in Australia (otherwise looking at $12k+). Anyway, that's my story! Anyone else confused about teardrops / Furrys / PIAC / etc or have stories to share?
  4. I am taking my friend (who conveniently is a paramedic) with me. Paid for her flight ($950 on Thai airways!) and we are splitting accommodation - so it actually works out quite cheap to have a support person, and one that has a wicked sense of humour if I get the post-op blues!
  5. June 15 w Dr Veerawat. I was keen for Furry Brazilians too but given they don't get the 10year warranty from the manufacturer because they're used in a non-supplier approved country doesn't feel very reassuring to me. So now I am mega confused!
  6. I'm booked with Dr V too, and Amie11 I'm booked 10 days after you! I'm a bit nervous as I've been recommended teardrops but I've heard that Silimed don't supply Furry Brazilians to Thailand legally (see thread http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?3724-Phuket-international-petite-5-2-47kg-10b/page2) Have emailed PIAC for clarification as to the specifics of the implants they've recommended for me (all I know is teardrop, not brand nor size). Will post their reply when I get it.
  7. Hey girls! Any updates on if you went ahead with FBs through PIAC or if you changed to different implants / surgeons / hospitals / countries? Keen to know as I've been recommended teardrop FBs from PIAC in their consult a few weeks ago... Really want teardrops and have already booked flights to Thailand!
  8. Hey JenJen That's good to hear about your case - thanks for sharing! Yep, I doubt I'd be going super large so hopefully that will reduce the risk. I'm in Brisbane so have booked in for a consult with Dr Philip Richardson in a few weeks - the cost is $100 which seems reasonable. I put up two boob shots in my private album if anyone wants to check it out / FR etc.
  9. Hey Starbright and Stephanie31! I'm also a newbie and just posted about Dr V too. I've been recommended teardrop dual plane but I'm a bit scared because he said I was high risk of double bubble - did you get any in your consult like that? I posted the extract from the consult here - http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?12385-Anyone-w-difficult-breast-contour-or-teardrops-advised-of-high-risk-double-bubble Stephanie - where is Dr V's other practice?
  10. Hi ladies I'm new round these parts as a member but have been reading these threads for a while and can't collectively thank you all enough for the insight I've gained into BAs. I'm hoping to undergo a BA in June at PIAC after wanting "round boobs to fill a bra, not unfrozen Sunnboys" for as long as I can remember. A friend had her BA there about 2 years ago and they look fantastic, unsure of the PS but she can't rave highly enough about the whole experience. To give you an idea of my natural boobs - "deflated Sunnyboys" is a bit harsh, but they're just pretty small on a broad athletic body. They don't seem particularly bad, just small with a lot of space between the two (cleavage... what's that?!) but I've generally always worn ridiculously padded bras (that were hollow!) which do a good job of false advertising while clothed. I initially enquired through a few beauty getaway companies regarding a BA in Bangkok, but received one or two-sentence responses to my enquiries, even after I sent through dodgily-lit photos for a consult. I contacted PIAC and immediately received what I feel is a much more professional response, and was told to redo the shoddy photos with better light, which I did. I sent off my well-lit tits to PIAC with a description of what I am hoping to achieve and received a response about 36hrs later. Received a detailed 2-pager recommendation, which I must say has freaked me out a little. "Dr. Veerawat notes that you have a difficult breast contour, there is minimal volume at the inner and lower quadrant. Further, your breasts sits high on the chest. He recommends teardrop implants placed over the muscle or through dual plane technique, via the inframammary fold. IMPORTANT: there is high risk of double bubble and medial breast fold. He cannot guarantee this.":confused: My aim is to have a nice rack, C or D max, and through my research on and off over the past year I had a feeling perhaps a teardrop implant would suit my shape. I mentioned this when emailing my expectations of the BA to PIAC but merely said I would be interested to know more about them. When I responded to the above email and asked if the high risk of double bubble and medial breast fold was particular to my shape or if the warning is something everyone receives, I received this: "Based on your chest diameter and natural breast shape, Dr. Veerawat notes that teardrop implants would lessen the risk of double bubble however he wants to emphasize that he cannot guarantee this. He further notes that yours is a difficult case." My questions are - *Has anyone else seen Dr V or another PS who's received this kind of appraisal? *Does anyone with teardrop implants have any issues / successes / suggestions? My initial response when I read their email was, "Well, I'm not going to have a BA if I am in a much higher-risk category than normal," but I'd love feedback from anyone willing to help a sister out I am fully aware that any surgery is risky, so am hoping to make myself as informed as possible. Thanks so much in advance - this really is such a wonderful forum. x
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