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    Breast Augmentation- Hoping to become a bustier me in May/June
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    163cm 57kg Sad Small A- aiming for large C/D
  1. Sorry Ladies if ive FR you and not sent a message..im not sure how to do it!! kylie
  2. Great Idea!! I am currently looking at booking in a BA and it would be great to see people with similar stats!! :-)
  3. Great news Silentrose!! looking forward to seeing your pictures!!... I am still waiting to hear from cosmeditours! they are taking forever! (well its not that long, but feels like it!) I am almost thinking of just going through PIAC just so I can get everything booked in ASAP. Tired of waiting!! haha.. Yay Starflower you must be thrilled!!!!...I will keep you posted on my dates, and if we are there at the same time, we will have to catch up!!..It really is good reading all the positive stories and also getting help for any questions you have!!... Lois1964 you must be getting excited as w
  4. Hi Cosmo, To be honest I have thought about what other people might think, but in the end, I really want bigger boobs,so i dont really care what they think! if they have issues with it, then its their problem! as long as your happy with them, thats the main thing!! :-)
  5. Hi Silentrose..Congrats on the new "assets'!!..cant wait to see some photos!!you must be thrilled, rest up and enjoy them!! :-)
  6. Hi Starflower :-) Such a great idea to go for a holiday beforehand, i hadn't even thought about doing that!...I am also going with my bf, but still looking at doing the group thing and having him tag along, for some reason it seems to work out cheaper?..although, going through a tour group seems to take a while.so if it begins to annoy me with the amount of time it starts to take..i might look at doing it myself!.. I just want to get it all booked in!... Seems like you got a great deal with your flights!..and the hotel sounds great also...i would definitely look at getting 5star! after al
  7. Hi Starflower, I am looking at going in the Middle of May also, cosmeditour are currently offering a group tour at this time, and the price seemed resonable?..although its hard to know what reasonable is...although ive noticed that they seem to take their time in regards to getting back to you about everything. I found when i contacted PIAC/ dr Boonchai directly they were much quicker, however I think i like the idea of having everything already organised for you! perhaps i might have to contact TMG...What date in May are you booked for? you must be so excited...how have you found the cost
  8. Hi Starflower...I was also told the same by Dr Boonchai..he informed me that the largest I could go was 300cc. I thought, OMG there going to be too small, however I have given the rice sizers a go, and am happy with how they look, anything is an improvement really. :-) Cosmeditour are currently in the process of getting a second opinion for me, but not sure it will change anything. As a few ladies have suggested, perhaps see someone in Aus? just for the second opinion... Good Luck!!
  9. Hey silentrose...thanks for replying..I have emailed Cosmeditour in regards to a group tour in may..it advises on their website it will cost around $5990..including flights and accom...seems reasonable?? then again im not really sure what its meant to cost!! Hi MumO5, thanks for replying.. I am good, trying to get my head around everything!!...Dr boonchai has advised that the largest implants i can get is 300cc, I have emailed cosmeditour as advised above, as they said they can get me a second opinion, will see what comes of that!... good point about the natural looking...i'm not sure what
  10. Thanks Rose2704 I will check it out! :-)
  11. Hi Silentrose...would love to see some photos! you must be very excited!! Have you gone through PIAC directly or through an agency? I have just sent you a FR. :-)
  12. Hi Ladies, I have recieved some information from PIAC and Dr Boonchai about my surgery. I am wondering who has had their surgery with Dr Boonchai at PIAC and how did it go, what did it end up costing etc? I am also wondering what is the difference between teardrop and round?...Would love to see some Before and Afters of those who have been to Dr Boonchai..I am wanting to keep them as natural as possible... I have also been informed that I cant get very large implants due to lack of natural tissue, which is a little annoying! I am a small A and was hoping to go to a large C/D... T
  13. Hi Ladies, Thanks for all the help..I just received an email from PIAC who said the same thing, that they had received my info from another agency, I advised them to ignore LMI and for them to give me all the info. After reading a lot of posts on this forum, it seems that going direct won't be as hard as i thought it might be. And if it makes things slightly cheaper, thats not such a bad thing either. I cant wait to start booking things in! im sick of having no boobs! haha
  14. Hmmm interesting..I have also sent an email now to PIAC, and will see what they come back with. I was hoping to book something in for May/June, so hopefully someone gets back to me soon!! Its so frustrating playing the waiting game!!
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