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    Phuket Thailand
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    Breast Augmentation - round textured, mod plus, under muscle,breast fold, 275cc
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    Dr Boonchai PIAC May 22nd 2013
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    170cm 60kg 12a-b
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    Dancer/Pilates instuctor

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  1. Hi Guys, So I'm wondering has anyone who had very little breast tissue to begin with had small implants then had them upsized? I had a BA 1.5years ago, I have almost no breast tissue so could only get a very small implant 275cc mod plus, unders,round. I do love them and having boobs and i'm so much happier, but I do feel like they are on the small side. I wear a 10dd or 12d bra but they look like a small c, extremely natural which is great, no one would ever know. But i really do feel like they are very small especially compared to all the massive implants on girls you see everywh
  2. I stayed at millennium after my BA as there is a 10 night for the price of 8 deal for PIAC patients. It was so great to recover there, Breakfast was great plus the deal included a free 3 course set lunch everyday. You just picked which set menu ( 12 different options of set menus) you wanted and booked what time you wanted to eat lunch every morning. The food was lovely healthy and fresh! You also got free wifi and late checkout 5pm! Plus as its above Jungceylon it was great when I started feeling a bit better to venture into the aircon shopping centre without having to cross roads or deal wi
  3. IPL does not work the same as a medical grade laser, you definitely want laser for a more permanent result, try laser clinics Australia, they are great and always have amazing deals. Brazilian and underarm $39, I have dark hair and pale skin and it works the best! It is the best decision I ever made! To me it feels like a lighter being switched on and off on your skin. It really hurts me! So I use emla numbing creme which costs a fortune but takes the stress out of it! I think the darker your hair and the lighter your skin the higher they can turn it up and that's why it works so well! I
  4. I love T2, I am the tea queen lol french earl grey is my fave but I have hundreds of teas, slightly obsessed I do drink coffee also, its not bad as long as its not got sugar or fatty milk in it I've had to totally make up my diet because I cant eat mid morning or arvo as I'm teaching. So far my diet has been. Breakfast: small amount of home made muesli (seeds,nuts,popped brown rice etc) with frozen raspberries,bit of banana, 1spoon A2 greek yogurt,skim milk Mid Morning: half scoop protein shake and water Lunch: left over clean dinner such as stirfry with brown rice or Moroccan quin
  5. ok so I'm seriously considering doing this Its really hard for me to get my exercise in atm though as I'm working late then the gym is shut hmm worth trying anyway I guess!
  6. Yay hon sounds great! You are lucky with the pain!!! Hey you should come to the sydney boobie catch up on the 24th!! Enjoy the rest of your time in the US
  7. Yes good idea, I'll msg you my real name lol! x
  8. I would like to vote for either Penrith or darling harbour x
  9. I'd be keen on a lunch also, but wont have a car so cant get anywhere of the public transport system. I still like the idea of darling harbour if that would suit other people its nice and central? If we don't get the hummer then we can go somewhere nice Even bungalow 8 has some nice ladies lunch options? Or anywhere there really! I think it would be nice to dress up a little x
  10. I live in the Riff also diamonds! Yes the city would be best for me also!
  11. Yep I think an E cup for sure! But they'll prob look like a Full D or DD
  12. I'm in!! I am from west of syd but come to the city all the time x
  13. yes mine was hardly anything also, thats why it had to be unders and not very big for me!
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