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    Had BA on Jan 17th 2014. Went from a squishy C cup to a F-G cup. 560cc HP textured round Nagors, under the muscle
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    Dr Tang at TCI
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  1. hahaha, awwwe u poor thing. You've had a full on few weeks!
  2. I met her a few weeks ago. OMG she is so lovely!!!!!! haha, I cant speak from personal experience with her results, But she's such a sweetie!!!!
  3. think when I had my surgery, I had already had 3 kids but it was something I had wanted since I was about 16. When you get them, you'll wish you got them sooner. So many girls have inplants prior to having children and they still look great.
  4. When I first had my surgery I told NOONE! I lived in a small country town, I was a farmers wife and no one in my community had plastic surgery. when I got home from surgery I didn't even want to leave the house because I was so paranoid someone would notice. I took my kids to playgroup one day and one of the other mums maliciously said "Did you get your tits done?". I was so mortified I wanted to die. Long story short, since people found out and I stopped having fucks to give, I've been so much happier. Im not completely honest about my procedures I've had done and its made my life
  5. Hey Amanda, I'm fairly certain that price right, but you may need to pay extra for surgical bras etc? Dr. Greensmith does some great work and is fairly popular. I wish Plastic surgeons were offering this price back when I had my surgery, haha. Maybe now is the time to upgrade
  6. 3 years post op and I have these horrible blue veins on my breast. They are thick and gross. Does anyone else have this? Or know any treatments that I can get to get rid of them??
  7. Hey, where are you located?? It generally depends on your location and if you are willing to travel interstate or not.
  8. hey love. i am just on 3 years PO and i got both my nipples pierced about 5 months ago. barely hurt and healing was easy. couldn't imagine my breasts without them now edit*** i also got mine pierced separately... one using numbing cream, and one done a few weeks later WITHOUT numbing cream.... numbing cream DEFINITELY helped lol. but it honestly wasnt bad without it either
  9. Lol at donatella! So true. Dr V gives out nipple free grafts like lolly bags!
  10. I think ur best bet is to just wait till ur consult dr tang is the best!
  11. Dr tang is pretty fabulous with borderline cases!I was borderline snd my results are awesome!! See if y can change ur flights
  12. All u have to do os do a few searches of yahnee on here and BAM u will see exactly what im talking about!! Stories that are far from CUTE!
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