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    Lover got a reaction from TheFox in Braces removal - why did no one tell me   
    hahaha, awwwe u poor thing. You've had a full on few weeks!
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    Lover reacted to December2017BA in BA Nerves - help!   
    Wow, thank you so much, everyone! I have until Tuesday to make my deposit and I know this is something I have wanted for a long time! Whenever I see myself, I know why I decided to take this step. I'm so glad I have a community like this to turn to <3
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    Lover got a reaction from Serena90 in Telling people post procedure   
    When I first had my surgery I told NOONE! I lived in a small country town, I was a farmers wife and no one in my community had plastic surgery.  when I got home from surgery I didn't even want to leave the house because I was so paranoid someone would notice.
    I took my kids to playgroup one day and one of the other mums maliciously said "Did you get your tits done?". I was so mortified I wanted to die.
    Long story short, since people found out and I stopped having fucks to give, I've been so much happier. Im not completely honest about my procedures I've had done and its made my life a lot easier. I'm not ashamed and now embrace it. Plastic surgery isnt such a taboo topic now compared to what it was 3 years ago
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    Lover got a reaction from December2017BA in BA Nerves - help!   
    think when I had my surgery, I had already had 3 kids but it was something I had wanted since I was about 16.  When  you get them, you'll wish you got them sooner. So many girls have inplants prior to having children and they still look great.
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    Lover got a reaction from Amanda0630 in Dr Natalie Ngan   
    I met her a few weeks ago. OMG she is so lovely!!!!!! haha, I cant speak from personal experience with her results, But she's such a sweetie!!!!
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    Lover got a reaction from Kayla89 in Nipple piercings   
    hey love. i am just on 3 years PO and i got both my nipples pierced about 5 months ago. barely hurt and healing was easy. couldn't imagine my breasts without them now
    edit*** i also got mine pierced separately... one using numbing cream, and one done a few weeks later WITHOUT numbing cream.... numbing cream DEFINITELY helped lol. but it honestly wasnt bad without it either
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    Lover got a reaction from Truth in Going without an agent- Rhinoplasty @ Yanhee.   
    Please be careful with yahnee. More often than not, we get girls come on here with horrific outcomes, that literally would have to be seen to be believed!! Their doctors are known to do some weird,mutalated, and horrible things to their pateints. Wishing u both luck if u do go ahead with ur surgeries at Yahnee hospital.
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    Lover got a reaction from Truth in Going without an agent- Rhinoplasty @ Yanhee.   
    All u have to do os do a few searches of yahnee on here and BAM u will see exactly what im talking about!! Stories that are far from CUTE!
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    Lover got a reaction from kit2015 in HELP!!! Lift V No Lift   
    Hey Hun. Mansoor mirkazemi recommended a aerola lift for me. Totally un necessary!!!! Craig Rubinstein who in my opinion knows his boobs lol, recommended no lift! He didn't even suggest it!! Kdmma had identical breast to mine and she had no lift. Her post op pics ActuAlly became my boobspiration. Her results are flawless and just amazing!!
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    Lover got a reaction from Hopeforbiggerboobs in Men rant   
    How did u meet this one
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    Lover reacted to donatella in Men rant   
    Does anyone else have horrible luck with men? I mean some people seem to fall in love so easy and I seem to fall for tools! I'm 31, have a good job, look after my looks and body, dress well and am not totally nutty (although I have my moments lol), why the Fark do I have a d*ckhead radar on. I have tried internet, tinder (don't even let me tell you about my meet up yesterday).

    im actually not fussed about finding someone I don't try that hard but I fear my age is against me and I'm destined to have horrible luck. Gone are the good old fashioned days of gentlemen. Sorry this is a bit of a rant but I'm feeling a bit deflated today
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    Lover got a reaction from caterpillar in Designer Saggy Boobs   
    I took kim K boob pics to all my PS and they all said without a shawdow of a doubt hers are implants(eve though she denies it) haha
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    Lover got a reaction from lollyheartz in Designer Saggy Boobs   
    I think those are just older implants and flucuated weight loss?? I also love that look and figured aftet 5-10years I may have it once my body gets older lol. Lara bingles boobs have gone that way and look sensational!
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    Lover got a reaction from Little Annie in My experience with Dr Peter Val at TCI   
    Thanks for sharing!!!! I'm due to fly to Sydney tomorrow for my consult with surgery on Friday. I think reading ur experience was exactly what I needed. Xx
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