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    wanting to get a tummy tuck done in Brisbane or the gold coast
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    I have had breast implants and a rhinoplasty years ago.

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  1. Hi Jennz! I am looking at having this done. How have you healed? Would you be able to post up your results now, a year later?? Also, can you please list any issues, pros or cons and how you feel about it all post op? I am wanting to know what to expect. Thankyou!!
  2. Hello Ladies. I have just had a consultation with Dr Lily Vrtik for an abdominoplasty. The problem is I also have applied for a new job, one which has a demanding roster. I am on my third interview, and I am 85% sure I have the job. Can anyone tell me what kind of time I should expect to take off (and this will influence whether I can book this year or next year over the Christmas period) and also Id like to post op pics, of people that have been to Dr Lily Vrtik. Thank you!!!
  3. I had no idea that you could get a tummy tuck under the public healthcare system? How is that?
  4. Hello! I am looking for a good tummy tuck surgeon around Brisbane. I want to do my homework first, so I am following this thread, there is a great result. Sylve maybe you could get a belly button tattooed on? Your result is spectacular!
  5. Seems this thread has no answers. Hoping one day people will come back and continue the conversation!
  6. Good Luck Little Bird!! I have just found this website and I am looking for somewhere to have a Rhinoplasty, but I may need internal work done too...so not sure if I should go overseas or not. I have also been researching overseas plastic surgeons and trying to find recommendations or any info at all... Please let us know how you go, I have my fingers cossed for you!!!!
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