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  1. I wouldn't stress about that I weighed in at 47kg and I'm 170cm tall and it wasn't a issue I eat a crap load just naturally skinny/fast metabolism and this worried me too but nothing was even mentioned
  2. Itybity

    Itchy tits

    Vitamin e soothes it I promise you it's a side effect from stretching skin same as pregnant woman get (wish I knew this when mine were itch as hell)
  3. Omg I have had this sharp constant pain in the bottom. Of my left boob all I can think is its a pinched nerve or pulled muscle or something I'm 5 months post op so this pain is so different to the usual nerve repair feeling...I have a feeling I have something very similar
  4. The Irony of it all I'm a dd from a non existent flat chest and now suffering from boob greed... My bf laughs at me when I try make em move by jumping n stuff
  5. My boobs don't move full stop not even if I jump up n down lol
  6. Facebook have some good private closed groups for girls been n gone to Thailand you can't search them though you need to be added.... this forum generally covers most topics but its working out what to search for to cover most things... my advice for key things based in my experience is back loose fitting light material clothes ideally button up.... Take a little travel pillow...pack lots of wet wipes n antibacterial hand sanitizer...I don't recommend going alone take a buddy if u can!!! Good luck such an exciting time
  7. I'm 170cm and 45kg was a 10AA and got 375cc round high profile under muscle n they aren't that big at all they measure a 10dd but that's deceiving....still need to upload up to date pics but feel free to add me and have a look x
  8. Itybity

    Group Tours?

    I went on db group tour and did plenty of shopping I didn't go in all the tour events and you can just buddy up with the girls from the tour and go shopping the tours don't take up all the time I thought the same at first and after surgery you get retry tired a few hours at a time is more then enough
  9. This is out of control firstly I'm very glad your in the all clear but to do this procedure on a 'hunch' is not acceptable at all.... Go at them guns blazing Hun as this can and will impact you carrying a baby full term it's not Impossuble but there are risks carrying full term as your dr should have explained... I am gobsmaked this has happened so sorry Hun xxx
  10. I'll upload some updated pics tonight all my photos are from first two weeks xx
  11. Hi ladies I was a AA and very tiny framed I measure a DD but they honestly look like a c cup feel free to send FR etc (all my stats are in my below) xxx
  12. Hey Hun just wanted to wish u all the best for Friday I might not jump back on here before then but will be thinking of u sweets xxx
  13. I had dr Pichit (bnh hospital) through destination beauty two months ago I'm alive well and in love with my boobs....he was a sweet caring man can't fault his work...he listened to my requests and concerns he originally suggested I go underarm incision but I wasn't to keen and he was fine with my input and went crease incision! Just go with your instinct I say good luck!!
  14. Thank you so much I have been trolling through the VS website umming n ahhhing about what size to buy..... Actually maybe this is a bad/dangerous piece if info lol
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