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  1. will do! I just wish my appointment was sooner =(
  2. Soooo glad I didn't go overseas! That's just the gamble you take when you go to Thailand or anywhere else. I am complete faith in my surgeon so I am not concerned in regards to that I just wanted to see if I was delusional or I anyone knew how they would be rectified. My only issue is that I get married in 6 months and I am 3 months post op now so I they need to r fixed surgically I would need go do it very soon!!! Thanks girls
  3. I wouldn't mind at all to be honest!
  4. I have been doing some research and its very difficult to rectify if it turns out to be that way. I think I would need a bigger implant to bring the scar up or maybe get moderates! Who knows really but I can't wait to see my surgeon and see what he says! I am excited to see him. I am sure he will do what ever it takes. I am definitely not living with visible scar
  5. Yeah let's hope not but I don't know else you could really fix it? Hmmm don't know really!
  6. Thanks girls I have emailed my surgeons head nurse the pictures and agree they looked low and she booked me in to see my surgeon in 2 weeks time so he can look in person. I'm confident my surgeon won't let me leave feeling disappointed so keen to get and see what he says. If you have a look at my before pis you can see that I hardly even had a crease because my boobs were so tiny and I have been reading that the surgeons almost have to guesstimate where the new crease will sit. Thanks for looking at my pics guys
  7. Thanks heaps for this!!! I would still love for the scar to be in the crease though bUt willing to do anything to help! Thanks
  8. Yeah I thought they cut right under the crease then they end up being a bit higher? Who knows seeing my surgeon in 2 weeks and he said he will have a look so can't wait to have some further clarity around what needs to happen for it to be fixed
  9. I love my boobs so much and my surgeon did exactly what I wanted I just want to compare with Other girls and see how mine compare. Thanks girls
  10. hey girls i was just wondering where your scar is in relation to your crease, especially those who are more then 3 months post op. Has anyone had scars that a really low i.e. visible even when wearing a bra? and how did your surgeon fix it? Ill attach some photos so you can see. Im just really nervous that i will need to have more surgery and i wouldnt even know how they would raise the scar? has anyone had anything similar and did it fix itself on its own. hopeing that my boobs just need to drop more and then the scar will be hidden, because i love my boobs just the scars are the only thi
  11. I have had sex in a tree in magnetic island. I was on a family holiday and was sharing a room with the do and her boyfriend-I think and we hasn't had sex in a couple of days so we went for a walk to find somewhere and came across this beautiful tree. So we climbed up it and found a good branch hidden and had sex in it whilst the people walked by down below. And also a maxi taxi. I thought I was being inconspicuous but it turns out I wasn't at all. The driver knew exactly what was going on.
  12. She is alive!!!!! Hello Cassie we have been trying to call! Lol mainly because I I feel terrible I forgot about your surgery today and didnt even call to wish you well! I'm glad your okay!
  13. Hahahaha I had 3-4 drags and had to but it out straight away- nasty! It's just so hard Jen your siting outside on a table surrounds by smokers and add a bit of wine o the mix, it was hard. But glad I didn't smoke. Thanks girls
  14. Thanks so much! I have another question, when do you start to get back feeling in the lower part of your boob? There are certain spots that have no feeling.
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